“What not to like?”

That was Nick Gilbert at Tuesday’s draft lottery, immediately becoming everyone’s favorite 14-year-old. Representing the Cavs for his dad, the team’s owner, Gilbert won over the crowd with his first sentence and the rest was history. The Cavs got the first pick, Nick went Michael Jackson to celebrate and we all had smiles on our faces because that is a pretty good story.

Now there’s a t-shirt, courtesy of Fresh Brewed Tees. Retailing at $24.99, the “What’s Not to Like” shirt commemorates the second-best draft lottery night that Cleveland has ever experienced. Even better, $5 from each shirt purchase will be donated to The Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization for which Nick — who suffers from Neurofibramitosis, a nerve disorder that causes tumors to randomly grow in his body — is an ambassador. And even better than that, his pops is matching each donation.

So yeah, for $24.99 you’re getting a pretty chill, albeit grammatically incorrect, t-shirt while also donating $10 to a foundation that’s fighting nerve disease in children. Pretty good deal, I’d say.