Look, I am not a professor of video game sciences at a prestigious nerd university, but even I can tell you that basketball skills have nothing to do with first-person shooters. If someone would have just told Blake Griffin that having him in “RAGE” wouldn’t make sense, that would have saved him a lot of money. Tiger rental prices have been astronomical ever since “The Hangover.”

(via SLAM)

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  1. I officially love that guy.

  2. This is a fantastic ad, and yes I would cough up my Microsoft points for any sort of Blake Griffin DLC that makes its way into the final product.

  3. Please get him in a comedy!

  4. Sagat approves of this advertisement.

  5. “Tiger Jump” FTW!!!! This Blake Griffin guy is alright

  6. Who the hell OK’d him jumping over a tiger? Did anyone see the swing that tiger tried to take at him? Tiger Woods could have learned a thing or two..

  7. blake does have acting skills and a good sense of humor.

  8. I thought the dummies were Chris Kaman–s.

  9. Allright, it’s stupid but someone has to say it:
    1st a car, then a tiger, what’s next, a Jaguar? (wink-wink)

    yeah, not funny

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