Wha’ Happened?: Say ahhhhh

Oklahoma City Thunder 106, Dallas Mavericks 100
The big story of the night was Russell Westbrook sitting the entire fourth quarter while Eric Maynor finished the game. This isn’t a big deal for a lot of reasons. One, it doesn’t seem like any of the Thunder care — including Westbrook. Two, Westbrook played a pretty decent game through three, scoring 18 points on 7-15 shooting while adding three assists and four turnsies. It’s not like he played terrible and now Eric Maynor will usurp his position as Thunder point guard. Three, Russell Westbrook looked like he was genuinely smiling throughout the quarter. Smiling is good, except when it’s a Kobe fake smile. This was not that. No big deal. Oh, also, nice win for the Thunder.

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  1. dude. helluva game but get that man some braces.

  2. And the Thunder Faithful (only faith I ascribe to) still love Westy and know he’s our rock to start the game. I thought Westy should have come back in at the 5 min mark but they pulled it off anyways. Go Thunder!

    Also, this illuminates for me the need for more offensive firepower in the starting lineup. Westy is such an emotional player, I think it would help him if he didn’t have to pass to Sefolosha, Ibaka (who’s getting better but still has bad hands around the basket) and worst of all Perkins. It’s nearly impossible for Westy to use the pick and roll with Perkins. He has to look off Perkins and then sees Sefolosha queuing up in the corner. That’s not attractive. He must go to Durant, but Durant’s not open much of the time.

  3. Definitely would have expected this post to include a link to probably my favorite “start your morning off with a smile” video… http://www.twitvid.com/6DD97

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