Right before the Eastern Conference finals started, Carlos Boozer responded to a question about the Heat’s Big Three by saying that “they have two great players in D. Wade and LeBron,” totally leaving out Chris Bosh. Naturally, after Bosh’s huge Game 3, Boozer was asked if he respected Bosh now that he was destroying the Bulls.

From the AP:

“I always have respect,” Boozer said Sunday night, asked about Bosh’s game. “I never didn’t have it.”

Excellent double-negative defense, right there. Might not be grammatically correct, easy to say or simple to understand, but it gets his point across — Carlos Boozer never didn’t not have no respect for Chris Bosh. Duh.

Truth be told, I believe him. Bosh is like the hyper-maximized Boozer. They play similar games, only Bosh is a little bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic and better. He’s roughly 122 percent Boozer, so I’m sure Carlos has respect for what Bosh does. It’s just easy to forget about him, considering his most notable exploits are jump shots or getting hit in the face in a multitude of different ways.

Boozer wasn’t dissing Bosh, he just kind of glossed over him while gushing about two guys who are among the five best players in the league. That is understandable, even if forgetting someone is just as harsh of a crack as intentionally zinging them.

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  1. C’mon man, he didn’t just forget Bosh. This wasn’t him talking then mentioning the “Big Two”.

    This was a reporter asking about the Big Three, and he said that. Then when the reporter asked AGAIN to clarify, he gave the exact same answer for effect. He knew what he was doing.

  2. Dangit Chris Bosh what are you doing diving on the floor like that don’t you know there’s people trying to earn a living out there??

  3. Trey Kerby, you are legitimately the best sports humorist I’ve encountered, and you are the reason I follow TBJ. Even outside the domain of sports, there are few better. I look forward to following your career, sir.

  4. Gm3 purely statistically:
    C. Boozer F 39:14 8-19 0-0 10-12 -6 7 17 1 1 0 2 4 3 26
    C. Bosh F 42:36 13-18 0-0 8-10 +15 0 5 2 2 2 1 1 2 34

    it was close. 26-17 vs 34-5

    though only the W counts, I know.

    bosh is still a sissy, and bozzer is heartless, unfortunately (trade him for Horford!)

  5. In Boozer’s defense, he is a much much better rebounder than Chris Bosh. His playoff averages are quite nice as well, even though this year he’s been awful offensively (and always bad defensively). His lift seems to be gone during the playoffs as well.

  6. He used the double-negative correctly. It might be repetitive, but still.

  7. Yeah, Carlos is right. Nonstandard != ungrammatical. Your teachers told you not to use double-negatives because you’d use them wrong (“I ain’t going to no play”), not because they’re inherently wrong.

    Love the language, Trey!

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