The June issue of GQ magazine is out, which means it’s time for swimsuit coverage. And who better to model these new shorter swimsuits than the NBA player most likely to be photographed by a beach this summer? That’s why Kris Humphries — who is sure to be snapped frolicking in the surf with his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, a minimum of 70 times this offseason — got the call. That’s the power of the Kardashian family marketing machine. Just ask Lamar Odom.

Even better, Kris was interviewed for the piece, with his lone published quote being “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” as a response to what people should watch if there’s a lockout next year. Not a joke, that is the extent of the words that came out of his mouth that were quoted in this article. Literally just the name of his girlfriend’s reality television show. That’s it.

It makes sense, though. Humphries grew up and played college basketball in Minnesota, then hooped professionally in Utah, Toronto, Dallas and New Jersey, so there is no one who knows beachwear better than he would. He’s really the perfect choice to sport some short swim trunks in a fashion magazine. Name one better option. You can’t.

I like this look. It says, “I play basketball for Rydell High.”

When I am swimming, I like to make sure I have as many electronics on me as possible.

(scans via Who Is That Hunks?, a website I am VERY happy to have in my computer’s history)

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  1. Kris Humphries was an amazing swimmer before going to college. He still holds multiple records. Modeling swimwear makes more sense than you think. Sure people don’t care about that though…

  2. My theory is that Kim K. started going out with him because she thought he was Blake Griffin and they’re still together because she doesn’t want to admit that she goofed.

  3. @ smk73

    No, she was at a Nets game and asked her friend “Whos that cute guy” and then the rest was history.

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  5. Was at a nets game…case closed, she is an idiot.

  6. i heard that the hump was 3rd in records set only behind tim duncan and michael phelps. now thats a swim team.

  7. Enjoyed the range of facial expressions. His balls look really small, though they are in the grip of a large human.

  8. Kim K would be one of the hottest NBA wives. La la Vazquez is one ugly woman, perfect for that loser Carmelo Anthony

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