As far as entire chest family tree tattoos go, this is one of the most detailed I’ve seen. The bark, the roots, the spaces for the nipples and bellybutton — very tree. Very Forbidden Forest. Very ouch.

(via Where Basketball Happens)

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  1. wow, I thought floating baby heads had already reached their pinnacle of creepiness, boy was I wrong.

  2. take the baby head off that chest, and the tree tat looks pretty good?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he has a Star of David on his left elbow? Is he like Amare who has Jewish roots?

  4. Looks like we know who the villain will be in the second season of Carnival.

  5. Maybe this is like “Prison Break,” and this is how he will break out of the forest.

  6. LOL Trey, you crack me up.

  7. looks like he got wasted after gettin this haha check out the bottles in the back….anyway, that shit is pretty cool minus the baby

  8. Tattoos By Randty in ALT is the best!! Keep up the good work!

  9. Tattoos By Randy…Google him!!

  10. Check out Tattoos By Randy on Twitter! Oh and by the way he also does at least 30 other NBA players…Check him out!!

  11. If’ it’s so bad…why was it published in SLAM magazine?! Just sayin…..

  12. @Shoe King

    hahah since when is slam magazine so amazing?

    the worst niche magazine for the worst pro sport in North America

  13. @ Trey – Maybe the tattoo is how he can “break” his way out of Golden State…

  14. Aye how strange cuz i took a pic of my nigga Adri and he got thatg same tat in that same house sooo we tat jackin now ???

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