TBJ Top 5, featuring legal limits

Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder
Must-win for the Thunder, so it’s good that they’re at home. Drop this one and it’s a 3-1 Dallas lead, heading back to Dallas. Do it up, Thunder. Test those legal limits.

Stephen Curry’s Bachelor Party
It took place at a Red Sox game and his groomsmen made him wear a pink shirt. I know it is a joke, but I think he might really be 14 years old. Get Donald Trump to check his birth certificate.

Amar’e Stoudemire Goes Swimming
And he wears his green Knicks shorts. Kris Humphries does not approve of those knee-skimmers.

The Muppets Trailer
I could go for some more singing vampires, but I’m still on-board with this.

Living a Glamourous Life
Everyone’s favorite single girl who loves European men is finally back with another classic video.