Miami Heat 96, Chicago Bulls 85
It’s not that big of a deal, losing the first road playoff game of a playoff series. It just means you have to win the next one. Problem is, the Bulls seem pretty out of sorts these last two games. For the second straight game, Chicago missed two-thirds of their layups, which seems to stem from the fact that Carlos Boozer is three feet tall, Joakim Noah time-traveled to 2007 and Derrick Rose can’t get any good bounces. Not to mention, the Heat have a bunch of long, athletic defenders who can protect the rim. If the Bulls aren’t getting baskets near the rim, they’re not scoring easily. It is not good. Also, not chill Joakim. Not chill at all.

Programming note: No Fix today, as it is Victoria Day in Canada. Whatever that is.

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  1. Watching the Bulls play in this series has been incredibly frustrating. Their defence is amazing but they literally can’t put the ball in the hole

    That said, it IS only 2-1 and the Bulls just need a good game from Rose or Korver to win game 4

  2. Clever girl… /Jurassic Park’d

  3. Not that the NBA has much respectability, but if they hope to maintain any semblance of it, then Noah should get a $100K fine, just like Bryant.

  4. Hahaha. Hope Taz is falling back on his words back when the Bulls won game one!! Ha so we don’t look like fools after all DO WE TAZ??!!! AHahahaha

    Dead wrong about Bosh stepping up .. but I’m sure we all were.

    I still just don’t see the Bulls winning 3 more games.

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