Not the best week for Miami Heat fans. One drunk knucklehead got Joakim Noah so mad that he tossed a slur at him, costing the Bulls big man $50,000 and setting off a debate about the ethics of in-stadium fan behavior. Another couple tossed towels at Charles Barkley because he picked Chicago to win the Eastern Conference finals.

Naturally, Chuckles took things in stride, playfully challenging the fans to a fight and reminding them that he’s the one who is an NBA Hall of Famer who has made millions of dollars playing professional basketball. From the Sun-Sentinel:

Barkley, speaking on WQAM Monday afternoon, appeared to welcome the confrontational approach.

“You know those people can yell and scream but they don’t have the hair on their (butt) to grab me,” he said. “They don’t have enough hair on their (butts) to walk up to me man to man and say, ‘Let’s do this.’

“All that yelling and screaming just makes me laugh, man.”

Barkley found Sunday’s scene amusing.

“They were telling me I suck,” he said. “They were telling me I never won a championship. Like, ‘Come on, give me something better than that, dude.’

“I always laugh at that statement, ‘You didn’t get a ring. ‘I’m like, dude, you work at McDonald’s. My life’s a lot better than yours. You relax.’ “

This is what happens when a bunch of jabronis hop on a bandwagon of a team that ends up being very good. No offense to the legitimate Miami Heat fans out there — the people who cheered for the team from Bimbo Coles to Eddie Jones to Dwyane Wade — that are very good fans who know how to act like normal human beings. But when a bunch of random idiots start cheering for a team, they kind of take things too far. You’re trying too hard.

Of course, you can’t blame them for not actually wanting to step to Charles Barkley. This is a guy who once threw a man through a window. Very understandable that they’d rather toss terrycloth from the safety of a crowd. Sure, it’s just a towel, but it’s enough of a concern that TNT is moving their show inside, just to make sure nothing worse happens. It probably wasn’t covered in the “Fan Up” tip sheet, but throwing things at people is generally frowned upon.

Nonetheless, I think we can give the victory to Charles Barkley here. Not only did he call out the Heat fans for being sissies and not only did he win the crowd over by giving them the finger, he also dropped yet another classic Barkley zing on the Miami fan base. “Dude, you work at McDonald’s. My life’s a lot better than yours. You relax” is an instant classic.

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  1. ROTFL
    “I always laugh at that statement, ‘You didn’t get a ring. ‘I’m like, dude, you work at McDonald’s. My life’s a lot better than yours. You relax.’ “

    Go, Chuck, tell them!! Tell them, those freakin f@ggots!

    Oh, sorry for the inapropriate gay slur.

  2. Nice use of jabronis trey, oh and flegman prepare ur anus against stern for saying that lol. Damn faggot is a hard word not to say, it rolls right of the tongue like saying fuck must be the hard F sound. At least this guy knows where flegman, kobe, joakim and I are coming from…

  3. Right, “it rolls right of the tongue.” Don’t you mean “off”?

    Idiots. Any sort of half-assed, lazy excuse to justify your ignorance and bigotry.

  4. Couldn’t agree more on your take about the bandwagon jumpers. If you weren’t a Heat fan back in the day when Eddie House wore the high socks his first time on the Heat then jump off.

  5. ooh i said “of” instead “off”, i also started my sentence by not capitalizing. correcting my grammar on the internet perfect example of being a faggot whether ur gay or not. Thats how i use the word and i don’t give a fuck what u say.

  6. It disturbs me that the same people who agree with this blog post would be the same people ok with the use of slurs in general.

    Look, yeah the fans who were taunting Charles were obnoxious, but since when have they not been? Shouldn’t we hold athletes and self proclaimed “hall of famer”s to a higher regard. I have mad respect for what Charles has done on the court, but his words off the court are what bother me. I’m a Heat fan, and I think Charles sucks sometimes, but I’m an attorney and sure as hell do not work at McDonald’s. Just making that statement shows that the fan crowd got what they wanted, while Charles looked more like an idiot, intitled, former NBA player that is tarnishing his “legend” much more with every word he udders.

  7. Yes illmatic-1, on a blog where your identity is hidden it is perfectly ok to be a biggot, but in a professional sport that is broadcasted to the greater public, which unfortunatly includes you, that type of language is uncalled for and inappropriate. It’s not that the use of those words are “cool” or not cool to use if using your personal choice, no matter how wrong it may be. But, the use of those words should not be spread by role models and icons to the general public. If you disagree then you are disagreeing with the many indorsers who drop clients based on the same things and the many employers, like the NBA who frown upon it. I understand you believe that your way is best, but I would much rather agree with those whom are right in an arguement.

  8. Trey – I know you’re a huge Bulls fan, but you can’t possibly agree with Chuck that him picking the Bulls is the ONLY reason we have a problem with him… C’mon man.

    Here are the top 10 reasons we dislike him. (This year at least):

    And you’re right. We should have been much classier and SPIT on grant hill like Bulls fan earlier this year. smh….

  9. PS throwing things is stupid tho.

  10. I consider myself a legitimate Heat fan, as I’ve been a season ticket holder for four years, and I’ve been rooting for them since the days that Grant Long, Sherman Douglas, and Rony Seikaly were playing for their head coach, Ron Rothstein. That being said, the anger towards Chuck really does have some basis. He’s said some pretty horrible (and inaccurate) things about the team we hold dear, and we were simply sticking up for them. I wasn’t the douche who threw the t-shirt at Sir Charles (I still like and respect the guy), but I was one of those guys chanting “BARKLEY SUCKS! BARKLEY SUCKS!” If you’d like to see a good (though incomplete) list of things Barkley said to upset us, check this out:

  11. Even Barkley says that these people are not role models that we should be getting our values from and if u believe otherwise ur an idiot. They can say whatever the fuck they want to say i’m not getting my cues from them and certainly from the endorses u seem to believe act on moral grounds. They make all their decisions based on what makes them money not what they believe is right or wrong. I’m not all for this pc bullshit and i make no apologies about it, pretty soon ur not gonna be able to call someone stupid because some butthurt dumbass will feel discriminated against because they’re not as intelligent.

  12. By the way, considering how much the tickets cost, how much it is for parking, and the fact that a f*cking hot dog is ten bucks, I can guarantee you that nobody there, not a single one, works at McDonalds.

  13. Andy — those Bulls fans are just as The Worst as these Heat fans. My suggestion for everything is to not be jerks. I think that is a good idea.

  14. Joey, agreed. illmatic-1, no one ever said endorsers are moral, by no means. They just will not put a product out unless it will sell. Biggotry does not sell anymore, even though you would want it to. The moment a player wants someone to buy their jersey or even take a percentage of their jersey’s sales or wants an endorsement or even wants to open a charity, they take on being scrutinized by the public. Their job is not to work at McDonalds, their job is to be a product of entertainment. It’s the facts. The sport would not be a job if not for that. I’m tired of hearing, oh people look up to athelets too much and such athelets should not be held to a high standard. If it was just for sport then it would not be a job or make money. You want the paycheck, you want the shoes, you want the sportscaster job when you’re old and fat. Play the game and have integrity. You don’t see Ron Artest as a sportscaster do you?

  15. I’m cool with that. We can just keep on saying Chill out Juwan Howard then lol.

  16. To be clear, “Real Sports Fan” can absolutely [i]not[/i] be a lawyer because of the myriad spelling errors inside his posts. From “endorsers” to “utter” to “bigot” to “entitled,” his posts read like some Saturday Night Live Educated Sports Fan parody. I got chuckles… chuckles indeed.

  17. Thank you Tracy, just like others have their identities protected here, so do I. The last thing I check for here are spelling errors. But is their error in my logic? Plus, their is no spell check here and that is what law clerks and legal assistants are for. You will not meet one attorney at a good law firm who does not make spelling errors. My flaw, sorry. I own up to it, I don’t call you an idiot or say you work at McDonalds.

  18. Ron Artest as a Sports Analyst and In Game Commenter might be the best idea I’ve heard in this entire thread.

    To be sure… ol’ Ron Ron has quite the clean slate nowadays, there’s no reason that he shouldn’t be given that chance should he desire.

  19. “Another couple tossed towels at Charles Barkley because he picked Chicago to win the Eastern Conference finals.”

    That is not close to the reason why they’re mad at him. He’s ragged on the Heat all season long. Called the big 3 punks, called them whiny, front runners, said they celebrated too much after every basket, among many other things.

    So why rag on the fans for showing loyalty tho their team? Wade and Lebron loved it when they were told about what the fans did cause they know what an asshole Barkley has been all season about them.

  20. Continuing… I just read the article:

    and that is no reason to dislike Charles Barkley so handedly. To be honest, I expected to read a well-worded diatribe that described several instances from Several Seasons of NBA basketball that shows that Barkley didn’t like the organization. Instead… I found the quotes he made about Lebron. Get over it, Miami. You got Lebron, he’s a great player but he acts silly sometimes. The Miami Heat do have an ‘unlike-ability” to them. But, who cares. You might win a trophy and you’re whining about Barkley? Take a lesson from LA last year; he consistently dogged Kobe and LA didn’t take it to heart besides some soft jabs at Barkley when it was convenient.

    Deal with the little jokes and insults with class, because when you’re on the top that’s what you get. It goes with the territory… and you’re going to be on the top as long as you have Lebron; get used to it.

  21. “But when a bunch of random idiots start cheering for a team, they kind of take things too far. You’re trying too hard.” <————– Sounds like Laker fans to me. hahahaha

  22. Keep digging your illiterate and bigoted hole there, illmatic-1.

    By the way, it has nothing to do with “PC”, but sounding like a complete and utter bigot. You can spin it anyway you want – hell, you’ll likely justify throwing around words like n*gger, k*ke, g**k, ch*nk et al – but the bottom line is that it’s bigtory and hatred, pure and simple.

  23. “But is their error in my logic? Plus, their is no spell check here and that is what law clerks and legal assistants are for.” – Real Sports Fan, Esq.

    I. AM. DYING. Thanks guy, you kinda made my day.

  24. Hey, no one liked or even like Bradey and the Patriots during their runs and championships in the NFL. The Heat players have handled it with class. Fans are fans and there are thousands upon thousands of them. Just like in society as a whole, none of them are the same and their are extremists. Throwing a shirt or towel at a commentator you dislike is not horrible as a fan. It is when the aggression turns harmful. You cannot hold fans to as high a standard as Athelets or TV personalities. You just can’t. Who ever argues that point is, well, a fan of illmatic-1.

  25. “The Heat players have handled it with class.”

    also, psst, Real Sports Fan: they’re, their, there. You’ll wow ‘em in court next time, Big Guy. You’re welcome.

  26. So the 3 Heat players at the time (I’m not counting Chalmers…. Kidding. lol) should have said no, we refuse to attend the party the organization is throwing for us?

    It’s ALL good everybody. Heat threw a parade when Shaq came to Miami, he came out in a monster truck and said he was promising a title. And we all know how that “Disrespectful and classless act” turned out…. with a ring.

    Can’t spell Heat without Hate and like all the other posters said, we might as well get used to it. Because i’ll take all the hate in the world if it brings back a ring.

  27. Again, showing how much care I take in my spelling on here. Focusing on my spelling errors and not on my argument says it all. Thanks adam. Chalmers better wake up, no joke. And give it up to Bibby for his first three of the series last night! lol

  28. lol I like where this is going…

    Blah blah get mad all you want and keep calling me a bigot if it makes u guys feel holier than thou. I don’t hate anybody because of their skill color or sexual preference and i’m sure kobe and joakim are the same because that’s not the way the word is intended. There is not a deeper meaning to that insult like all you sensitive bitches seem to want to attach to it. Just more people trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  29. ^^^ awww the dancing troll didn’t link. wtf?

  30. also, if you’ve ever called yourself “a Heat fan” and you don’t live in southern Florida, you’re what’s wrong with America.

  31. What the fans did was just stupid. I can get that they may not like him because of the comments but there is something that’s called RESPECT, toward another individual. Threat others like you want them to threat you!

  32. “whiny, front runners, said they celebrated too much after every basket, among many other thing”

    isn’t that the truth?

    I eman, you can hate on someone, nut at least have real reasons.

    On the video:
    How stupid do you have to be to cheer when a guy gives you the ol’ double-finger?

    I mean: really, people, are you that desperate for attention?

  33. Aww, ‘Random’ aint got the balls to put his name to his beliefs, maybe they’re buried in another guys arse. The shame, the shame. Faggot.

    A guy disses my mother, I call him whatever I want, and fuck you too if you don’t like it. Faggot.

    illmatic-1, I’m with you. Fuck the whinging bitches. Harden up ‘Random’, be a man. Faggot.

    So, about the awesome season & playoffs we’ve had so far…Faggot.

    I don’t see the Heat losing, and I’m glad for D-Wade.

    Cheers to perhaps the best year of NBA ever, and the pre-cursor of even better seasons to come.

    Exciting times ahead, faggots.

    Oh yeah, stop being such sensitive faggots. Get over it.

    Charles for President.

  34. Some people just go over board sometimes. They just need to calm down and appreciate both teams competing.

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