Not the best week for Miami Heat fans. One drunk knucklehead got Joakim Noah so mad that he tossed a slur at him, costing the Bulls big man $50,000 and setting off a debate about the ethics of in-stadium fan behavior. Another couple tossed towels at Charles Barkley because he picked Chicago to win the Eastern Conference finals.

Naturally, Chuckles took things in stride, playfully challenging the fans to a fight and reminding them that he’s the one who is an NBA Hall of Famer who has made millions of dollars playing professional basketball. From the Sun-Sentinel:

Barkley, speaking on WQAM Monday afternoon, appeared to welcome the confrontational approach.

“You know those people can yell and scream but they don’t have the hair on their (butt) to grab me,” he said. “They don’t have enough hair on their (butts) to walk up to me man to man and say, ‘Let’s do this.’

“All that yelling and screaming just makes me laugh, man.”

Barkley found Sunday’s scene amusing.

“They were telling me I suck,” he said. “They were telling me I never won a championship. Like, ‘Come on, give me something better than that, dude.’

“I always laugh at that statement, ‘You didn’t get a ring. ‘I’m like, dude, you work at McDonald’s. My life’s a lot better than yours. You relax.’ “

This is what happens when a bunch of jabronis hop on a bandwagon of a team that ends up being very good. No offense to the legitimate Miami Heat fans out there — the people who cheered for the team from Bimbo Coles to Eddie Jones to Dwyane Wade — that are very good fans who know how to act like normal human beings. But when a bunch of random idiots start cheering for a team, they kind of take things too far. You’re trying too hard.

Of course, you can’t blame them for not actually wanting to step to Charles Barkley. This is a guy who once threw a man through a window. Very understandable that they’d rather toss terrycloth from the safety of a crowd. Sure, it’s just a towel, but it’s enough of a concern that TNT is moving their show inside, just to make sure nothing worse happens. It probably wasn’t covered in the “Fan Up” tip sheet, but throwing things at people is generally frowned upon.

Nonetheless, I think we can give the victory to Charles Barkley here. Not only did he call out the Heat fans for being sissies and not only did he win the crowd over by giving them the finger, he also dropped yet another classic Barkley zing on the Miami fan base. “Dude, you work at McDonald’s. My life’s a lot better than yours. You relax” is an instant classic.