TBJ Top 5, featuring a big face-off

Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat
The very definition of a must-win game for Los Bulls, because the Heat of right now do not feel like the kind of team who would let up in an elimination game. Maybe the November Heat would, but not these ones.

Slow Motion for Dirk
Ol’ Dirk Dog doing his fourth quarter thing to the sounds of epic tympanis and other instruments of that nature. Probably the only thing that can make that one-legged fallaway look majestic.

DeShawn Stevenson Gets Racked
I might hate DeShawn Stevenson more than any non-Damien Wilkins player in the league, but even I can’t get happy about him taking an elbow to the nuts. Well, not that happy.

Telephone Manners Rap
This is why the early-90s is considered the Golden Age of hip-hop.

Max Fischer Wrote “Life Aquatic”
Some very interesting conspiracy theories for all you Wes Anderson nerds out there.