Love everything about this. Love that Dirk and Nick Collison are so sweaty that them falling on the ground requires two mop bros to clean up the mess. Love James Harden pointing out various spots that need cleaning in order to give Dirk a little more time to think about the game-tying free throw that he’s about to shoot. Love Serge Ibaka, Scott Brooks and an assistant coach getting in on the fun. Love that none of it matters and Dirk sinks the freebie anyway. Nice job, everyone.

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  1. I see no Smirnoff here…

  2. No matter what Dirk does do, he do(es) it better than me and you……

  3. Doesn’t Dirk say at the end that “they spilled water” to the ref?

  4. Yea! he says something like “They spilled the water…it’s an old trick! ‘Whups I spilled the water’!”

    man. those are tough free throws

  5. no wonder dirk said “its the oldest trick in the book!” to the ref. I was trying to figure out why he said that, now I see why lol.

  6. The smirk and nod Dirk does after he says “yeah, its the old trick, Oh, I spilled the water” is the single greatest face ever. I can’t stop watching it.

  7. ^^ Ditto!

    That face/smirk is the truth!

  8. The best part, IMO. Is it actually helped Dirk. He was winded. That atleast let him catch his breath, lol. Nice try OKC.

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