Danny Granger’s prison plan

If you were wondering what the Indiana Pacers’ Danny Granger thinks should be done with child molesters, today is your day. He’s got a brilliant solution, which he posted on Twitter.

They should throw the molesters in the prison yard with some KY strapped to their chest and tell the inmates to have at em lol… Bet they wouldn’t be molesting anymore children after that lol

Very cool idea, Danny Granger. Very Old Testament. Most definitely something to have some lols about. Not sure how we can get him in charge of all of the country’s laws, but that needs to happen. Honorary sheriff badges should do the trick.

On the other hand, maybe Danny Granger’s crime-fighting aspirations should be limited to pretending he is Batman. One of the two.

(via Jared Wade)

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  1. Unfortunately, Twitter does not allow long, thoughtful replies where one could spend time explaining how the American perversion of justice in regards to revenge does nothing to rehabilitate the offenders or solve any social ills.

  2. Unfortunately, most citizens of the United States (and other countries, too) mistakenly identify punitive justice as vindictive justice. It’s not about changing the one who has already committed the crime. It’s about warning the ten others who were thinking about doing the same thing. It’s not a perversion of justice; it’s preemptive rehabilitation.

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