Either that or they’re waiting for tickets to the new Harry Potter. Really hoping it’s the latter.

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  1. lebron is like, “i want in on this too, guys.”

    also, mike miller and kyle korver in this pic = same person.

  2. or they’re hoping to get tickets to the last Oprah Winfrey show.

  3. LBJ: Alright, I think we’re good Derrick… I’m ready Carlos, get it in there.

    Bosh: ..what I wouldn’t give to get in on just a little bit of that..

  4. Look at LeBron’s hair

  5. Jason, I know right? Seriously lebron looks so odd in this picture.


  7. that’s haslems head in the background.

  8. humancentipad…….?

  9. That movie looked so gross, I had to watch the trailers, and never watched the actual movie.

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