Big day for all you Shawn Marion fans out there. Not only is your homeboy getting mad props for his defense on Kevin Durant, not only is his team on the verge of ousting the Oklahoma City Thunder from the playoffs, and not only did he probably get his kinda Mohawk freshened up for tonight’s game, but he also is getting that TV show you’ve always thought he should have. Finally.

From TMZ:

Dallas Mavericks star Shawn Marion is gonna be busy next month — because we’re told, he’s shooting a pilot for a reality TV show … right around the same time the Mavs crush Miami in the NBA finals (if there is a God).

It’s tentatively called “The Ladies in My Life” — and big surprise … it’s all about Shawn and the important women in his day-to-day … including his mom, sisters and publicist.

One of the featured family members is Shawn’s twin sister Shawnett — who’s 6-feet tall and can DUNK a basketball!!

Nice. Something to fill that “Basketball Wives”-sized hole in your heart.

As for the name, “The Ladies in My Life,” it’s perfect. It is the most literal possible summation of what this show is about, like the taco place in my hometown that is just named Taco Place. I imagine the pitch was just Shawn Marion walking in to a producer’s office and saying, “I’d like to do a reality show about the ladies in my life, and I was thinking of naming it ‘The Ladies in My Life.’” No messing around, unlike how the Eagles of Death Metal sound nothing like the Eagles or death metal. Way less confusing Shawn’s way.

But yeah, I’m really, really excited for this, as I assume a Shawn Marion reality show will be filmed entirely in bullet time. You don’t see that effect enough these days. Very under-utilized.

(via SLAM)