When Carl Zeiss was inventing camera lenses, this is what he had in mind — some bro working a massive optical zoom trying to find the flyest cougars in Miami. All of the Emmys, please.

(via Mocksession)

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  1. Haha…it’s practically those camer dudes job to find hot chicks in the crowd to get shots of. I love it when I’m watching UFC and they find the ONE hot chick in a row of 300 guys and focus on her when getting a crowd shot.

  2. somebody needs to add a “boooiinngggg” sound to when he zooms in

  3. “I’d smash it.”

  4. @Evan

    I was thinking a slide whistle, but I like where your head’s at.

  5. I like how he knew where they all were. In and out without hesitation…Booooiiinngg.

  6. I watch those cams a lot and they always try to find the hot chicks. When in LA they find all the celebs. It’s fun to watch how they set up for interviews with the coaches and players if you’ve never had the chance to go to a game yourself.

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