On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas congratulate the Dallas Mavericks on a Game 5 Western Conference Finals win and another trip to the NBA Finals. Topics include: The Matrix’s best game in a Mavs uniform, Brooks’ decision to go small, Westbrook’s slashing off the ball, the free-throw discrepancy, Maynor’s balls, Dirk’s clutch time contributions, and more. All that, plus we touch on new Lakers coach Mike Brown. Good hire? Questionable hire? Let’s hear what you think.

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Comments (16)

  1. Brang! That takes me back.

  2. M.V.P. has a lot of plaid

    Heat 4-1 every series…

    U.D. on dirk with rolling doubles off the dribble.
    Heat defense will lower the score to the mid-eighties

  3. Awesome. Two consecutive Game of Thrones shoutouts in the opening.

    Again, I reiterate: Awesome.

  4. HAHA! Tas impersonation of Mike Brown!

  5. title = win. also, character minimums? really?

  6. I gotta say the hiring of mike brown really surprised me i didn’t see it coming at all. I’m happy that this new coach will improve the team defense but i’m worried about the offense, a lot of times the offense got a little too kobe centered even with phil jackson so now i hope this doesn’t become like the cav’s old offense where they just gave it to him. Hopefully mike brown will be able to see that this kobe is not the old kobe and be able to stand up to him.

  7. So, after going 4-2 against the Blazers, the Mavs go 8-1 against LA and OKC. Maybe it’s good I don’t have any money to bet on basketball games.

  8. Great points about the Mike Brown hire. Surprising, but ultimately a good choice I believe.

    I just can’t believe that any team would pass on Rick Adelman. I feel like he’s easily one of the very best coaches in the league. Any team that’s not the Spurs should be considering looking into how they could get him.

    And lastly, love this Thunder team. It’s incredible that they made this run to the conference finals when overall the team is so young! They’ll only get better and hungrier because of this, especially knowing how they could very easily have been heading into Game 6 at home up 3-2 if they held on in the final minutes of games 4 and 5. Harden is awesome. This team will be exciting for years to come!

  9. Bye bye Oklahoma City Sterns…

    Welcome back to the finals, Mavs! Hope you can kick the Heat’s butt this time around.

    Re: Laker’s coaching search. That would have been my ‘wish’-list:
    1. Brian Shaw
    2. Rick Adelman
    3. Jeff Van Gundy
    10. Mike Brown

  10. I’m glad they didn’t go for Shaw. Good guy but I don’t want a rookie coach right now. I’m stll shocked they went with Brown. I was rooting for Adelman or even JVG. This should be interesting.

  11. Glad the mavs won, and the Thunder were probably the best practice they could have had for the Heat (most likely) in the finals

    Brown is perfect for the Lakers, He may be able to get the Twin Towers idea going that he learned in San Antonio with the Duncan and Robertson. On top of that he’s got experience with Artest and handling a superstar. I was sad to see him go last year as a Cavs fan and the Lakers are lucky to have him

  12. how is mike brown going to hold people accountable when he never held LBJ accountable for anything?

  13. Lakers are a terrible organization to play for. While I liked the team, I find issue with their upper brass. Rambis, Shaw, and Abul-Jabbar. All played for the lakers, but all these jobs were outsourced.

    I’m suprised they didn’t hire adelman if they decided to got outside the circle. He’s the best coach that is available right now. I don’t think Kobe can get along with Brown. I know that he is passionate as a coach and kobe as a player, but Kobe will get too much rope. This is the coach that never rode Bron’s ass for anything, meanwhile Erik Spoelstra did it in the first 17 games.

    What happens when the lakers start losing? Oh well, I really don’t care. After all, I’m from Palm Beach, FL

  14. Game of thrones sucks ass. Coach Mike Brown and his big shark mouth is solid, LAL shit the bed on the defensive end. Now all we need is a major trade. There goes Tas on the DAL bandwagon. Excellent impersonation though, I thought I was the only one to notice it. Fuck Kurt Rambis. Buss fam wants to stay away from Phil regime. DET has good players, but their coach is shit. Brought vs brang.

  15. Shark Bait, tell us how you really feel

  16. Of course Westbrook was busting his arse off to win the game; the issue with him is not a lack of effort. It’s that he’s being unfairly shoehorned in to a position he’ll never be fit to play. You guys have mounted a heck of a defense for Russ these past few of weeks but, ultimately, he was instrumental in two epic collapses and contributed largely to piloting a very talented team out of the playoffs. Either the Thunder move him off the ball, where he would be a devastatingly effective, or they continue to fashion him into a PG, and they’ll simply be devastated.

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