DALLAS – Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for making what the league deemed a “movie spoiler gesture” during Game 5 in Dallas, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred in the fourth quarter of the Mavericks’ 100-96 series-clinching win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday.

After Nowitzki put Dallas ahead for good with a second-chance 3-pointer from the top of the key with 1:14 remaining, The German headed towards the bench while holding up two fingers and a thumb on each hand.

There has been speculation that Nowitzki gave away a pivotal plot point in Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 blockbuster “Inglourious Basterds.”

“The league is sending a message that we will absolutely not, under any circumstance, tolerate spoilers,” NBA commissioner David Stern said Thursday. “Even if I have seen the movie.”

Nowitzki’s gesture resembled a key scene in “Basterds,” in which the entire fate of the mission hinges on how a character counts to three on one hand — revealing him to be either German or a spy.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban denied that it had anything to with such. He said the player holds up three fingers to represent “a successfully made three-pointer.”

“Watch what Dirk does when he hits a big three. He’s done it his whole career,” Cuban said. “That’s not anything related to Tarantino flicks.

Thunder forward Kevin Durant said he understood why the league came down so hard on Nowitzki.

“I knew he was pumped up after the play,” Durant said. “And at first, I honestly didn’t know what it meant. But then Russell [Westbrook] told me that Dirk hated ‘Inglorious Basterds’ ‘for obvious reasons,’ and that he had ‘just spoiled the movie for us.’ I was pretty upset about it later. I was planning on watching it on the plane ride home.”

Nowitzki declined to comment on the fine, though he indicated it would be appealed.

“I’m here getting ready for the NBA Finals,” he said Thursday night. “We’ll take care of that when the season’s over. I’m not really worried about it right now.”

Dallas coach Rick Carlisle expects Nowitzki to win the appeal.

“It’s silly,” Carlisle said. “Unfortunately, everybody’s very sensitive about spoilers. I didn’t know that. But Jesus, the movie came out two years ago for fuck’s sake.”

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  1. HA “for obvious reasons”

  2. Haha this is friggin hilarious!! Thanks Skeets! Good movie though.

  3. hilarious dude, keep these coming.

  4. I think you made that up

  5. cuban is right, i am from germany, refs here do that when u hit a 3 pointer, they first raise one hand with three fingers when u shoot, too indicate that it is a 3 point attempt, and then raise the second to show the table that the bucket counts…..
    that seriously is a stupid fine by the nba….

  6. Are you kidding me?!

  7. Oh, moe.

    But seriously, the “obvious reasons” part is out of line. German doesn’t equal Nazi and jokes implying that it does are tasteless and unfunny.

    Other than that, funny stuff. Get that packet in to the Onion sports, stat!

  8. Can’t decide which is better – this article, or moe’s comment. Both are pretty wonderful in any case.

  9. yaaaaaah ok…… “for obvious reasons” i get it now….

  10. Fine JET’s ass for the last second dunk, effn idiot. Now i’m rooting for the Heat in the Finals.

  11. What Munk said. This is great!

  12. the “obvious reasons” is totally not out of line, it’s just russ being russ.

    also skeets, more of this please.

  13. Ah, this is true. Maybe Westy should have to film a PSA.
    BUZZER NOISE. “Using German to mean Nazi or stupid is not cool. Not in my house, not anywhere. THNK B4 U SPk”

    moe: please explain more about how you get it now.

  14. Ha! Had me for a few seconds, well done!

  15. If this is true, David Stern is a pussy. I mean cmon man, and then Durant acting like a douche… porve them wrong DIRK!

  16. C’mon!!! Not cool Dirk! Spoilers will NOT be tolerated in the NBA even If David Stern has already seen the film.

  17. So the league is facing an impending lockout that could shut the league down for a year or more, and the NBA League office is spending time fining Dirk for “spoiling” a movie that cam out two fucking years ago? What the heck is this even supposed to mean? He hit a big three, holy crap. I doubt he was thinking “Lets spoil a Nazi movie for the audience.”

  18. so it’s a fine for being European? last I checked the NBA wouldn’t be as exciting without foreign players

  19. hahaha man, people can’t believe everything you read on the internet. funny article though.

  20. There should be a fine for not detecting humor.

  21. these comments are amazing.

  22. Best part about this? Sabrina the Teenage Witch reads our blog!

  23. “Yup, these are my readers”
    – Skeets

  24. that is stupid.. having fined because he hate the Inglourious Basterds movie… :D:D…

  25. Awesome Skeets. So funny.

  26. After reading these comments i am embarrassed to be included with those who read your blog

  27. How would that spoil the movie for someone who has never seen it? If they havent seen it the gesture would mean nothing to them…

  28. hahahaha there r so many ppl that don’t realize this is completely made up.
    …i made a basterds reference to my buddies when i saw him puttin up the 3s w/ thumbs too lol

  29. shit! you totaly got me on this one. im from germany and was going mad because of this.
    i told everyone how stupid amerikans are, because auf such shit.

  30. Seriously, what is there not to get about this post?

    Do you guys really think the nba fines someone for “giving away” a crucial scene in a 2-year old movie? Yes, im from germany, but its really not that hard to get.

    When i saw the headline i was fully aware, what was about to come.

    Go Dirk and thanks Skeets!

  31. Ha ha thought this was real for a sec nice bit Canadians

  32. @ BeeFromGermany:

    Skeets and the TBJ crew are Canadian, just so you know ;)

  33. @ Stefan Vasilev:

    And Canada is part of the American continent, just so you know ;)

  34. My favorite part is Durant’s comments. I like to think he actually was going to watch Inglorious Basterds, and this is just insult to injury. Or maybe Dirk is a spy?

  35. Oh my. The article had me for about 3 seconds. That there are really people that believe this is even MORE outlandish than the article!!!!

  36. @Stefan & Rassan: Doesn’t change the fact that Stu Jackson is from the USA. Apparently you don’t get that “Bee” didn’t get it AT ALL? Geez….

    BTW: http://chzdailywhat.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/04e199ad-2394-44ff-956a-220041422ae1.jpg

  37. Haha in the next press conference dirk should say, “You know the movie The Sixth Sense? Well Willis is a ghost the entire time. Goodnight.”

  38. …THIS IS A JOKE!

    Oh and Durant, Snape kills Dumbledore. Sorry man.

  39. That Durant part would have been top 10 all time quotes.

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