Uh oh. Who wants to tell Kevin Durant the bad news? According to rapper Lil B’s Twitter account, Durant will never win an NBA championship just because KD said he was a “wack rapper.” Apparently, if you’re not down with the swag swag, Lil B, aka The Based God, is all about cooking up some voodoo on you.

Earlier this year, Durant tweeted that he had tried to listen to Lil B, but that he couldn’t get into the music. He also took it a step further saying he couldn’t believe that he was relevant. Lil B responded via Twitter challenging Durant to a game of 1-on-1, saying he would retire from the rap game if Durant beat him. Bold words, B.

Durant and company might not have been able to get past Dirk Nowizki’s Mavericks, but was it because of a Based God curse? Not likely. Those of us familiar with the NBA can easily recognize that basketball gods were the ones at work here, recognizing that the young Thunder squad has many more years to compete for a championship while Nowitzki needed a chance to right a wrong from the 2006 Finals.

As for Durant? Stomach tattoos and a rapper angry with him only means one thing: Street cred! Or something.