Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls
Ronnie Brewer says the Bulls “expect to win.” Dwyane Wade says he wants to clinch the Eastern Conference championship in Chicago. One of these men is going to be a liar.

Drake Guest Stars on “The LeBrons”
This show continues to bring the weird, this time bringing in one of the biggest rappers in the world, only to have one of his animated weed carriers freestyle against Business LeBron. I guess that Sprite money only goes so far.

You Can’t Park Here
Or there. Or there. Or there either. You can’t really park anywhere if you’re in a movie.

Another “Muppets” Trailer
Can this movie just come out already so we can all go see it together and talk about how Animal is the best Muppet? Pretty please.

Important Dog Videos
“Baths suck,” says this one dog. “I don’t want to wake up,” says another.

Comments (8)

  1. Scalabrine is active.

    FACT: The Heat have not beaten the Bulls when he’s been active. Game over Heatles.

  2. Can I park here?

  3. I like the Common reference. “It’s Chicago-ing.”

  4. Ffffffuuuuuuu…. I hope dallas doesn’t get what what the bulls just got in those final 2 mins. Bunch of bs calls for d-whistle , well of course that’s what happened in 06 sigh…

  5. I agree with Killa crossover. But, then again. the bulls was defeated. Dallas will be facing Miami in the NBA finals. I’ll root for Dallas.

  6. meh just saw a replay on that four pt play it was legit lol

  7. Animal is number 1 on the muppet list but you got to give gonzo props man

  8. Brewer is a liar

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