When your team is dealt a crushing defeat that closes the door on what was a pretty spectacular season, how do you deal with that as a fan? You do exactly what the fans of Oklahoma City did last night when their Thunder lost Game 5 to the Dallas Mavericks, 100-96. Instead of allowing their beloved players to return to OKC in sullen silence, a ton of fans showed up to the airport and waited for the team flight to get in. Armed with signs and banners, chants and lots of love, the fans erupted as the players exited the plane at 1 a.m.

It really was a beautiful sight. Hundreds of people chanting for their team, showing them that the support they had all season wasn’t going anywhere after they had fought, but failed, to advance to the NBA Finals. So many moments in this video show just how special the connection is between the Oklahoma City Thunder fans and their team. There’s superstar Kevin Durant shaking hands and sharing smiles and thanks with the fans through the chain-link fence, James Harden dancing to a “Fear the Beard” chant and going to grab coach Scott Brooks, who wears an expression that says it all.

While many members of this this team filled to the brim with basketball talent only know of this kind of support, Brooks knows this isn’t how most seasons end. Not in the NBA. Not where wins and losses are what matters. The Thunder didn’t get the win that they needed to keep their season going, but they did get another reminder that they’ve got something special brewing in Oklahoma City. Pretty phenomenal.

And if you were wondering, it was the 1:58 mark that got me. Ain’t no shame from this girl.

(via Daily Thunder)

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  1. These fans have proven over the last couple of years that they are amngs the elite crowds in the NBA :)) Just another reminder of that statement….

  2. That was just awesome.

  3. Wow, if this Thunder team is the NBA future, it feels really good :-)

  4. This is what being a sports fan is all about. It’s not about the jerseys and the season tickets, it’s about welcoming home your team after a great season.

  5. Now let’s see what OKC can do in the offseason. I expect some tweaks. Mostly I’d like to see them work on off the ball motion on offense.

  6. As much as the OKC players seem like nice enough guys, screw the OKC fans. They are knowing recipients of stolen property and therefore culpable for the crime. I don’t want the Thunder to see any success until Seattle once again is home to an NBA team.

  7. In 1993, 300,000 people turned out for a parade honoring the Phoenix Suns, despite the temperature being 110 degrees. Now THAT’S dedication to a losing team.

    (screw John Paxson & Robert Sarver)

  8. Seattle fans never cease to amaze me with their childish antics.

  9. That’s just incredible. As much as the OKC fans love their team, I’m sure THIS team appreciates their fanbase just as much.

  10. Awwwww i was crying…im not sure if that was happy or sad.

  11. Even though we this wasn’t our year. It was a great year none the less!!
    Go Oklahoma City!!!! Go Thunder!!!!!

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