On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas congratulate the “Hollywood” Heat on an incredible Game 5 Eastern Conference Finals win and another trip to the NBA Finals. Topics include: that jaw-dropping rally, Bosh’s unheralded play, Wade’s injured shoulder, Rose’s fourth nightmarish 4Q, post-game comments, Carlos Snoozer, and the eerie similarities between last night’s game and DAL/OKC’s Game 4. All that, plus an epic three-minute softball game recap. Go, Rounders!

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Comments (21)

  1. So close to spitting water all over my computer during this weeks Rounders recap. Well done sirs.

  2. aw you guys should have waited a little before making this so i could have gotten ur reactions to what pippen just said.

    lol pippen u done goofed.

  3. not the first time (or last time) that a really great player (who was awarded the mvp) lost a playoff series to a team that also has a really great player (who is mvp worthy).

    check david robinson and hakeem back in the 90s.

    check barkley and jordan, also back in the 90s.

    check magic and larry and dr. j in the 80s.

    this shit isn’t new.

  4. Pippen has been saying LeBron will be the GOAT for a while now. Nothing new. Ric Bucher should get wanker of the week for still thinking Rose is the best player in the league..

    Remember this number: 9.8
    It’s my 4th quarter shooting percentage

  5. You played a 2-0 slow pitch softball game?! Oh my God, that is brutal. Can you make a little graphics package for the Rounders Recap? I feel like it needs to be made an official weekly segment.

  6. HA HA, it’s retarded. 3-5 ft AND 9-11 ft?! Fuck softball. Indians Jai Ho status or Hi-how-are-you ones? Fuck your show, I’m getting shitfaced on Memorial Day here in the States, ftw. Weak quote Tas.

  7. Excellent Rounders recap this week. Tas needs to play intramurals all year long so we get recaps all year.

  8. LeBron is prolly the best player ever talent-wise, if you consider size and built talent. He is not as great a competitor as MJ, nor as intelligent as Bird ‘tho. Those aren’t talent-based qualities. It’s what he’s missing to one day be the GOAT..

    Yeah, that’s quite a bit, but whose to say he won’t “get it”?
    Plus with Wade, Bosh, Haslem and probably more good players to come and a good coach (I’m not totally sold on that already), he may not even need to get it. He just has to be less of a douche than Jordan to keep his teammates, which seems doable.

    idk, that doesn’t seem that far fetched to me.

    btw, even ‘tho the Miami bandwagon has loaded up (it seems logical), I believe there could be more support for the Mavs from people who actually know a little basketball: it was unpredictible, they have beloved or liked veterans who have yet to win a title (respectively Dirk and Kidd, and Marion, Terry and Stojakovic), a spectacular 5’10 guy (which I know I always want to see succeed), they are hard-working, modest and make clutch shots; and they are the lesser team. Maybe Cuban will throw in a little hype too with “nice” comments.

    It’s really hard to pick in those finals. I like the fact that the Mavs are a jump-shooting team, they tend to do better against teams that rely on help-defense and steals IMO. Then again, if it takes more than 5 games (which it should), I can’t imagine the Heat not figuring this out. Marion can really slow down ‘Bron or Wade, but will Kidd be able to do anything? Stevenson???

  9. Hey Skeets, indigestion is NO laughing matter!

  10. You guys need to start selling Rounders swag.

  11. Why is Little Trish so angry?

  12. I think Bosh deserves to be added to the post game conference now. Big 3 press conf!

  13. Killer shirt Tas

  14. Ah man I went out on a Limb with the series predictions and almost went perfect for big money!! I called Heat in 4-1no doubt! and Dallas in 4-0. Ahhhh!! I just thought Choke-lahoma City Blunder would collapse due to there previous struggles … which they did … kinda. Can’t wait till next series. Dallas in 5!!

    Ah man I would laugh to see Lebron actually win his “not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7″ championships. It would really shut the haters up in the best way!! lol. Go King James!!

  15. My god does Boozer suck. I’ve always felt like he has because he can’t defend anybody. But everyone always says “no, look at his pts and rebounds in the playoffs average for his career – he’s been great.” Bullshit. he KILLED them because he’s incompetent on defense. His defensive positioning sucks, he’d taking dumbass flagrant fouls, he’s awful.

    Why not stick with the rest of the front line (all good team defenders, Noah and Asik especially) and ship Boozer out and see if you can’t get a wing that can score? Then you’d have one extremely dangerous scorer (Rose), another scorer (whoever you brought in), and a big tough front line.

  16. ok..nice.., I dont quite know why but that just made my day.

  17. No doubt the criticism of rose, durant, and westbrook (especially Russ) is out of line. But – lots of us said rose wasn’t the MVP way before the playoffs, and we were right. LeBron is the ultimate weapon in this league.

  18. This Fix upped the ante for awesomeness with the emphatic use of “Sexier”.

  19. Simmons said it after the first game of the season. He was totally scared about the heat cause they have 2 of the best “Give me the ball I am making my own 10-0 run” players in the league… or something like that.

  20. My Order of Most Hated of the big 3:

    LeBron- GOAD Greatest of All Douches

    Bosh- Overated and the fact that he destroys Boozer makes him legit? NO DEAL!

    and then

    Wade – He’s won a championship almost single handedly against the Mavs last time
    so earns enough respect to say or act like a tool all the time, but he mostly restrains himself.

  21. more softball, less basketball!

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