Yep, that’s just about the best shirt a Cleveland Cavaliers fan could wear during this year’s NBA Finals. It looks great. It lets people know you’re still a Cavs fan even though you want the Mavericks to beat the Heat because of, well, you know. And it’s only $22, which is a perfect price for a shirt that will be irrelevant in two weeks. But even then it still looks like something you’d buy from a thrift store when you’re in college, so double bonus.

Nothing to not like about this bad rider. Great job, GV Art and Design. Go nuts, Ohio.

(via Bruce Arthur)

Comments (5)

  1. it’s pretty good, but Cleveland could stand to be a little less asshurt.

  2. perfect, unless the Mavs lose. Then you spent $22 to look like a fool.

  3. HA! I love it. If it would be relevant past the finals I would get one.

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