As we all know, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever walk the Earth and that those of us who may have dissenting opinions should be tarred and feathered. In fact, in some cases, heretics have been burned at the stake, just for saying that Michael Jordan may not be the best basketball player ever. Strict punishments, but there’s a legacy to protect here.

So the question now, is what do we do with Scottie Pippen? Jordan’s one-time teammate talked to ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” and opined about the subject.

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game,” Pippen said Friday on “Mike & Mike In The Morning” on ESPN Radio. “But I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will but he keeps everybody involved.”

Chill, Scottie Pippen. You are a legend and one of my favorite dudes ever, but you just need to chill right now. I know you just watched LeBron dominate the Bulls, but chill man. Just chill.

Sure, Scottie is hedging a bit with his “may go as far” and “may be,” but this is a pretty bold claim. I think we can all agree that LeBron James definitely has the potential to become the greatest player of all-time, considering he’s arguably accomplished more than Jordan had through age 26. But right now, this is an easy choice.

Jordan has six titles, LeBron hasn’t won a single Finals game. Jordan has five MVPs, LeBron has two. Jordan was named Defensive Player of the Year once, LeBron wasn’t. Jordan has two Olympic gold medals, LeBron has one. Jordan never lost in the NBA Finals, LeBron lost the only time he got there. I feel like I am Jason Segel and Scottie Pippen is Shawn, but this argument is pretty simple.

I think we can let this one slide for now. Scottie was obviously caught up in the hysteria of last night’s game, which is certainly understandable. Someday, LeBron James will probably be the greatest player of all-time. But that’s not the case today, which is why Scottie Pippen needs to be careful. If he keeps making these kind of erroneous claims, Jordan himself might deface that new bust in the United Center. The man has been known to hold a grudge or two.