A very scientific examination of LeBron James’ rising headband…

Year: 2003
Exposed forehead height: 3/4 inch
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 5 degrees

Year: 2004
Exposed forehead height: 1.5 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 12 degrees

Year: 2005
Exposed forehead height: 1.6 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 12 degrees

Year: 2006
Exposed forehead height: 2.5 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 27 degrees

Year: 2007
Exposed forehead height: 2.25 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 24 degrees

Year: 2008
Exposed forehead height: 3 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 34 degrees (in honor of Paul Pierce)

Year: 2009
Exposed forehead height: 3.2 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 37 degrees

Year: 2010
Exposed forehead height: 3.48 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 39 degrees

Year: 2011 (via Jose3030)
Exposed forehead height: 4.22 inches
Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 47 degrees

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  1. finally some investigative journalism on basketball’s most taboo subject: LeBron James’ fucked up hairline.

  2. lmao…he should just get a sham wow and tie it around his head

  3. This is hilarious!!

    TMZ would be proud

  4. can’t he afford rogaine?

  5. There was a big discussion about this in another forum i visit haha. Part of me wants to say he’s self conscious about his hairline but then again he never wears anything to hide it during post games or outside of basketball in general.

    Maybe it’s a psychological thing where he doesn’t want his opponents to see any imperfections in his image during the game OR maybe im over thinking it. yea probably the latter.

  6. This is absolutely hilarious Trey lol. Does anyone remember Deshawn stevenson and gerald green rockin the headband even further back then bron back in the day? They didn’t have the hairline…issues tho haha

  7. Terrific piece – should be nominated for an investigative journalism award, and possibly a scientific award as well (for the angular calculations).

  8. time to shave his hair. too bad he’s not as good looking as MJ

  9. *slow clap*

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

  10. Did you use a protractor trey?

  11. Estimated headband angle, relative to eyebrows: 34 degrees (in honor of Paul Pierce)


  12. oh man i love this!

  13. “Men who are already predisposed to male pattern baldness may see the most extreme hair loss when using anabolic steroids.”

    Read more: What Are the Dangers of Performance Enhancing Drugs? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5117015_dangers-performance-enhancing-drugs.html#ixzz1NZkMmAEI


  14. can we see this same piece without the headband? just his hairline? haha

  15. Dude, I’m 26, and I lose my hair way quicker than ‘Bron.
    I don’t take steroids, I just smoke pot.

  16. maybe his forehead just grew?

  17. Maybe he is trying to cover up the fact he is 26 with a receding hairline

  18. I’m glad there was research finally done on this subject matter. Bothered me for years. Who is his barber?

  19. i take a receding hairline everyday if i can play like him

  20. A few more degrees and he is going to have to rock a chinstrap to keep it in place.

  21. ^ Jack


  22. lebron might become the best bball player of all time, but his hairline will have to suffer the consequences.

    do they give Pulitzer Prizes for blog posts?

  23. “lebron might become the best bball player of all time”


  24. You dont become a GOAT without hair loss

    Mike, Kareem, Kobe etc.

  25. The last one doesn’t count though. NBA black headbands are thinner than every other color for some reason. You can even compare it to the other headband colors he’s wearing and see the difference. That’s main reason he’s raised it up even higher.

  26. Who cares he’s rich….

  27. “Daniel T.. says: 05.27.11 @ 8:52 PM EDT
    Who cares he’s rich….”

    Lebron cares. For 48 minutes i’m left in the dark and neglected like a red headed step child. What did I do to deserve disssssssssss? Shout out to all my fallen follicles. You’re gone but not forgotten. Pooh bear. C.C. My n1gga blizz. Them days we formed waves i’ll take with me to the grave. But for now I’m just a lonely nap hidden behind a soggy headband. FML.

  28. He has the Drexler Syndrome :D

  29. He looks like stephen jackson in the first pic


  31. lebrons hairline isnt fucked up he just simply pulls his headband up to cover it i promise u if u did the same thing in the mirro ur forehead wud look big to haha

  32. Yall can make fun of it all you want, i would trade my hairline too for what he has in his life right now

  33. what a waist of time, who ever did this go for a run

  34. Lebron 2016: http://i.imgur.com/qQSAC.jpg

    I can’t take credit, I found it on Reddit.

  35. he a faggot. he prolly lost all this hair doing wade and bosh

  36. Lol, personally, I think the exposed forehead height grows just as his ego does, and it has nothing to do with his faltering hairline.


  38. Ummmm – maybe the headband is actually functional and he puts it over his hairline to keep the sweat from dripping down from his hair into his face? Anybody think that’s possible, and that he could care less how it looks? I hate what the guy did to us in Cleveland, but really – he’s using his headband to hide his hairline ONLYduring games????

  39. all basketball players are dorky looking

  40. If he wants to be like MIke, he might can start by shaving his head. It worked perfectly for MJ

  41. i’m a huge bulls fan that hates the heat, but this is petty and ridiculous. Root against his team and be happy if they lose, but stop the personal attacks.

  42. LeBron tried to steal Dirk’s PEDs: http://wp.me/p1EpJh-1E

  43. He is an ugly balding faggot. You guys that are saying to stop the personal attacks are bigger fags and cûnts, grow some niggy balls.

  44. I was thinking his hairline is probably receding from wearing the fucking headband so much in the first place! Now what caused it hes using to cover it up.

    Pretty ironic.

    Its no different from wearing a hat all the time. If you do your hair is going to start falling out quicker than it would normally. Think of how much he wears it….every single game for like 10 years (including high school) thats like 1500-2000 hours of wearing a headband!

  45. “Pretty ironic.

    Its no different from wearing a hat all the time. If you do your hair is going to start falling out quicker than it would normally. Think of how much he wears it….every single game for like 10 years (including high school) thats like 1500-2000 hours of wearing a headband!”


    No. He just simply has a receding hairline.

  46. Lebron decided to leave for Miami while his hair stayed in Cleveland

  47. He should get with Deron Williams Dr. and get them nice hair plugs. it is weird that “bizzaro” Lebron ( aka Greg Oden) hasnt began to go bald, he just cant play.

  48. en be aiiiiiiiiii :o

  49. his hair is beast

  50. no offense micheal jordan jumps higherthan you :( -_- :)

  51. a known side effect of ….. HGH!

  52. @StuntcockA, it’s also a side effect of getting older, douche!

  53. he probably lost all his hair do to the stress that his teammates are fucking his mom!

  54. he probably lost all this hair due to stress from his teammates fucking his mom

  55. that’s impressive it coincides exactly with the rise of his ego!

  56. better update this with the double headband from last night

  57. Is that double headband custom made ?

  58. lol….funny post. and i realize im late, but regardless; who gives a fuck what his hairline looks like??? you think he’s jealous of the next guy who has a full hairline?? definitely not – his hairline doesn’t make him any less a ball player, or person for that matter. half you people posting are too young to have come to the realization that there’s a good chance that you will lose your hair at one point too. just wait and see..

    its not what sits on top of the head that’s important but what resides within it.

  59. also…..if he gave a fuck about his hairline he would easily drop the funds to have it fixed up via hair transplant….but he still has obvious recession despite his ability to have it altered, indicating a lack of self-consciousness (for those of you saying hes self-conscious)

  60. Maybe he’s attempting to cover it, but like someone else said, he doesn’t cover it in public or press conferences. Maybe he just does it subconsciously, because if you notice, you sweat more from where you have hair. Ex: armpits, arms, legs, head, ass, etc… I still hate that cocky fucker tho hahaha GO BULLS!

  61. Hahaha! Love this!

  62. Lebrons is going bald because of all the stress of not being able to win the finals… Chock artist

  63. wasn’t lebron playing with a beard this whole season? so how could that be 2011.. and i know the season started in december..but this is suppose to be every season im guessing

  64. gotta say Lebron’s on steroids,unlike the greatest of all time KOBE!!

  65. All da greats are bald from MJ to Shaq ….lebron u should consider cutting it off

  66. I have read so many content regarding the blogger lovers but this paragraph is truly a good piece of writing, keep it up.

  67. If Lebron can play with his hairline like that I can too!!

  68. looks like yo momma.

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