Any time you can draw a foul on an opposing team’s best player by hitting yourself in the face with the ball and reacting like Mike Tyson punched you in the straight in the nose, it’s best to punctuate things with a knowing wink to your team’s coach. It’s called acting. Learn about it.

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  1. LeBron finally does something likeable

  2. Chris Bosh taught him that! xD

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo right there!

  4. How is that likeable? Makes me hate him even more.

  5. Whenever Reggie Miller is on at least once a game we’re gonna hear some praise on someone who flops. “You gotta sell it marv, you gotta sell it, i pulled the same bullshit all the time when i played, so i applaud all these other pussies!”

  6. LeBron’s a pussy?.. lol okay.

  7. This doesn’t make me think any different of LeBron, this sort of bullshit is commonplace in the league now… I just really wish it wasn’t. I hated it when Reggie Miller did it, I hate it now. There’s a BIG difference between selling a hard foul and acting just to get a call. If you’re actually fouled, sure, go ahead and fly all over the court. Whatever. But when people react like this literally without getting touched, it pisses me off.

    We’ve all played pickup ball against that one prissy drama queen who screams bloody murder every time you breathe on him. It’s obnoxious, it fucks with the flow of the game, and it’s irritating to watch. I get annoyed even if players on my own team do it.

    The NBA should institute a rule that if a player is seen pulling shit like this–whether the see it during live action, during a replay, or four days later–it’s an automatic game suspension.

  8. a suspension is kinda harsh… But a tech makes sense if it’s really obvious

  9. @ Jdizzle

    because it’s funny and shows a personality

    much better than his usual scowling/constipated look or that weird gesture he does when he makes a tough shot

  10. play-off flop collection anyone? tons of shitty acting this season, somebody have to make a video collection

  11. WOW, The refs… just wow. Rose hit the ball. That just makes me dislike Lebron even more.

  12. Very savvy.
    No reason to hate on him about it. Unless you are the douche who just picks out everything he does and makes it sound bad.
    The league said they were going to crack down on the flopping and they never did. If this type of play compromises the competition of the game than thats on the league, not Bron

  13. As bad of a joke as soccer can be with playacting, even their refs have been known to dish out stiff penalties for overt flopping, even from the stars. It’s not worth watching a sport where the best don’t have to prove it but get handed advantages like this, and it makes actually watching games to see how they play out pointless. And for those holding Bronnie blameless, his legacy – which is all he’s going to be playing for eventually – is going to be worthless if it’s built not only on being Wade’s Pippen but on someone who relied on heap tricks like this and his ridiculous travels to get the job done.

  14. fifa basketball. where acting happen.

  15. Wow, you guys need to calm down. Who gives a shit?

  16. @Andy: a tech wouldn’t do anything. Particularly since we’ve seen how pathetically inconsistent the refs are at handing out techs for that “respect for the game” stuff (which I’d say this falls under, for what it’s worth). And if the punishment was an in-game tech, that would mean the refs would have to stop and review the tape every time somebody reacted to a foul like they’d been shot (unless a ref happened to have a clear view to begin with), and that’d slow the game down even more. I say have somebody in the league office review crap like this the night of the game or the day after, and hand down a suspension if it’s blatant like this. Harsh, sure, but it’d put a stop to it. You might risk a tech to draw a foul on the other team, but you wouldn’t risk sitting a game.

  17. Wat does it matter?!?!?!
    i mean seriously, in order to win games in ORGANIZED BALL, YOU HAVE TO ACT ON A LOT OF STUFF. Lupe fiasco on “Words i never said” said it best, “If You Dont Become an ACTOR, you’ll never be a FACTOR.” That is in business, sports, life… EVERYTHING!!!!!. The greats used it and its still being used today.

  18. That happened ALLLLLLLLLLL NIGHT LONG. Its ridiculous when it happens so much and only they get away with it.

  19. out of game fines.

    $10,000 or more per acting job. The league reviews games anyway, add overt flopping to the list of things to look over.

    It won’t stop players from doing it in game, but long term hopefully fines will make them think twice.

  20. Basketball turning into foot(fag)ball… shame…

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