On today’s Playoff Fix episode, Skeets and Tas highlight a few things to watch for in this highly anticipated NBA Finals rematch. Talking points include: Carlisle’s Terry/Peja-on-Wade dilemma, how the Heat will attempt to slow down Dirk, the Mavericks zone defense, whether Chalmers can slow Barea, thoughts on the ol’ 2-3-2 format, and much, much more. All that, plus series predictions, and news of The Basketball Jones’ first ever live online halftime show during tonight’s Game 1.

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Comments (23)

  1. I love the halftime show idea, because I don’t even have ESPN (until game 5, at least) and the International League Pass halftime sucks.

    GO DIRK!!!

  2. I’m actively rooting against the Mavericks and that dumb MF of an owner. And Carlisle who actually thinks Dirk is top-10 all-time, whereas I always thought that Dirk was badly overrated all his career, so is Jason Kidd. So although I’m not a Heat fan (not at all, actually, I dislike them as well), I’d go with :

    Heat in 6.

  3. Whats up with “the beer store” truck? Every other episode its driving right behind you guys. Wonder if youre going there after work…

  4. C’mon Dallas. I can’t believe I’m counting on Dallas in the post-season, they’ve been my definition of unreliable since the last time they made the finals. Obviously the Heat are going to win championships, I just want them to solidify as a team (8 deep) and not just roll on hubris and individual talent.

  5. On the subject of home court advantage in a 2-3-2 series, John Schuhmann and Haralabos Voulgaris had a good back-and-forth on Twitter yesterday. I tend to agree with the latter that “order of wins is irrelevant. The probability of winning any N game is the same regardless of when the game occurs in sequence.” I guess it depends on whether you think there is such a thing as game-to-game momentum in a 7-game series that’s spread out over 3 weeks (my vote is no).

  6. “The probability of winning any N game is the same regardless of when the game occurs in sequence.”

    100% no.

  7. We all know it will come down to Game 7, tie game, 10 seconds left

    Dirk is fouled but only makes 1 free throw but LeBron chucks a brick and then the lockout happens

  8. Toward the end of the show I think it’s Skeets who says something about the Heat having 3 of the 4 best players in this series. The comment isn’t really discussed but I think it’s worth considering who the better player is between Bosh and Kidd, at least on their current teams and in this matchup.

  9. I love me some Jason Kidd — especially this 2.0 model — but it’s Bosh, hands down.

  10. Agreed with Skeets there, but let’s take a look at who comes next:
    4 Kidd
    5 Terry
    6 Chandler
    7 Haslem (if he’s 100% back)
    8 Marion
    9 Barea
    10 Chalmers/Haywood/Miller

    It has to count for something.

    So I’m still taking the Mavs. That’s not the main reason ‘tho, the main reason is: the Heat are a terrible team in these playoffs when it comes to “real” perimeter D.

    The Heat allowed 38.5% on 3s (and that includes the Bulls, who are inept at outside shooting, the 76ers, who can’t shoot either, and the Celtics, who have Rondo), and the Mavs have been shooting 38.8% on 3s (facing good perimeter defenders).

  11. I’m sorry, it’s supposed to go
    5 Kidd
    6 Terry

  12. Shirt looks familiar, oh yeah, I have it! Collins jersey the fuck what a waste of money. I say the Mavs win it in 5, fuck the Heat and their stars.

  13. Peja will probably get some playing time in the beginning of the 2nd quarter when Wade is on the bench.

    I would love to see a Mavs game 7 victory post-game press conference from Dirk. That would be LEGENDARY.

  14. How d’ya like the Rokit 6s, JD?

    I have the 5s, and they’re pretty incredible for their size.

  15. Hands down Bosh over Kidd? no way. Kidd’s command of game flow, ability to get people on absolute FIRE shooting, above-average ability to make clutch shots, and completely ego-less teamwork, all the while maintaining a completely fierce competitive edge is beyond anyone else I’ve ever seen. Not the greatest basketball player, but the kind of unique, irreplaceable player who I’ll bet on 10 times out of 10 against whatever odds you lay out.

  16. do you not think Kidd will be on Wade leaving Terry/Peja to guard Bibby/point? Yes, the Mavs haven’t faced a team like Dallas, but the same is true vice-versa.

  17. I’m going with Mavs in 6. Their offensive execution has been impeccable in these playoffs, and they are a severely underrated defensive team. It’s Dirk’s time for redemption. The keys are keeping Lebron and Wade and Bosh off of the FT line, and keeping Chandler out of foul trouble.

  18. I guess my contention was not so much that Kidd is a better player than Bosh but that he has the chance to make a bigger impact on this series. Also there’s a semi-hilarious possibility that Kidd could out-rebound Bosh in a game or two.

  19. Again, I am pretty sure this is the fourth series in a row that u guys have picked against the Mavs, so I will take it.

    Oh, btw, not sure it really counts but Carlisle has a championship as a role player on the ’86 Celtics team.

  20. they pronounce it “t-mo-bill”

  21. Heat in 5.

    I don’t see how the Mavs win. I think Bosh can do a really good job against Dirk. LeBron vs. Dirk at the end of the game – just the thought of it makes me hard.

    You guys should throw some money on Wade for MVP. When I checked yesterday, the payout on LeBron was even – Dirk +140 – Wade was +500. Throw 20 bucks on him, can’t hurt, but could really help.

  22. Also worth mentioning:

    Just read a good piece on hoopspeak about how the mavs work hard to keep Dirk away from dudes he could get into foul trouble against as they rotate. I had never thought of it from that side. Teams worry about fouling him—–but obviously it’s tough for anyone not to foul these Heat guys.

  23. Tas, you look like an inmate today.

    That being said: Mavs in 6

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