Skeets and Tas take your questions during halftime of Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Join the event!

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Comments (14)

  1. Here’s a question for y’all : how horrible is ESPN’s crew at covering NBA basketball? I actually muted the game because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

  2. Why didn’t they call LBJ travel??!!

  3. Do you think the Heat miss Ricky Davis?

  4. Hey guys, how are the Canadian fans reacting to seeing Bosh in the Finals? Certainly looks decent, as much as I hated how he left…I think he’s pulling his own. What’s your take on Bosh so far?

  5. Dallas is great at baiting opponents into jumpers. Do you think Miami can shoot well enough to make them pay for that?

  6. Thanks for the halftime show, guys! Definitely better than the network.

  7. Awesome analysis guys. Really good stuff. Perhaps I’m overstating the obvious a bit here, but that was leaps and bounds better than ABC’s crappy halftime show.

  8. That was a good show, a lot more entertaining than the typical halftime show on abc/espn.

  9. stuart scott is a fucking G.
    great job with the halftime show fellas.
    that is all

  10. i cant believe i missed this. is there any hope that you’ll upload it? im trying to forget ABC’s halftime show but i can’t seem to find the amnesia ray.

  11. stuart scott is a Jerk. ESPN sucks!!!

  12. @Rabi: As A Canadian fan who was pissed when Bosh pulled his act last summer, I’m surprisingly rooting for him. I guess the anger wore off – was too distracted by the Raps awful season.

    Great show guys! You should do this every game!

  13. @allen – no way of getting the old one, but we’re doing it again during game 2. You can come right back on the site to find it.

  14. I Agree the BULLS Winning the championship this year

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