Kobe got swept, Bosh got scared, Shaq got got.

It’s only been six weeks, but the 2011 NBA Playoffs have brought a year’s worth of amazing. So, before we look forward to the Heat-Mavs Finals, let’s take a look at EVERYTHING that’s happened so far … in four frantic minutes.

Yes, it’s the one and only Basketball Jones 2011 NBA Playoff Recap! Embrace it!

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Comments (16)

  1. Well done, guys.

  2. Bravo!!! Bravo!! Encore!! Encore!! That was worthy of a standing ovation.

  3. I am so psyched for these finals. And this video gave me …. chills!

    Best Playoffs Evar

  4. That was beautiful, man!

  5. hilarious shit… good stuff

  6. That was the most magical journey I have ever been on.

  7. My life is complete after watching that.

  8. This was an absolute masterpiece. Congrats on all your hard work on this, it has really paid off.

  9. that was superb. and i never leave comments.

  10. 5 stars gentlemen. Well done.

  11. That was awesome, guys! Keep up the good work. What time does your bloody show come on. I can never find it on the Score.

  12. Yes! This is basketball journalism!

  13. You guys keep outshining ESPN, TNT, ABC and every other channel that ever got involved in basketball reporting.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  14. I never leave comments anywhere on any website but this is a different type of vid man and I mean that in a good way, great job guys. Keep at it.

  15. Awesome video! Great, great, work guys.

  16. Watching this during the 2012 playoffs for the zillionth time…awesome

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