On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 1 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Topics include: Wade lying low, the Heat’s impressive pick-and-roll defense on Dirk, the Mavericks’ MIA bench production, Barea’s looks, LeBron’s stupid three to end the 3rd Q, The Matrix’s good game, why Carlisle went away from the zone D in the second half, injuries, and much more. All that, plus a Wade/LeBron post-game press conference rant, Michael McDonald’s mumbling National Anthem, and pimp LCD screens on ABC/ESPN microphones.

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Comments (15)

  1. What’s with the bobblehead?

  2. Man, Tas looked like the first half of game 1. A complete mess. You got the jitters, buddy? Haha! Shake it off, and come back strong in game 2.

  3. previously (as a guy who lives in detroit) the enduring playoff image i had of lebron was the guy who was a freight train and scored something like 12 of 13 points in a for for his team in the 4th quarter against a former nba championship team.

    now, it’s the guy who hit insane shots with a very high degree of difficulty in the nba finals — that side-step fade away three from the vip seats . . . just unreal. the and-1 dunk. the threes all game long. that alley-oop finish.

    just amazing.

  4. That trio of JVG, Jackson, and Breen has always been pretty bad but last night they went full retard. I don’t understand why this espn’s go to announcing team, I know Reggie Miller is from TNT but sometimes I would much rather hear something stupid come from Reggie than have to hear those three guys. Yes Reggie Miller.

  5. @ illmatic-1

    That’s why I muted my TV the whole game. I sincerely wish there was an option to mute the commentators and hear only the stadium noise. It would be so much better.

  6. If i’m Dallas the only big concern is the rebounding discrepancy. Offensively they moved the ball really well when Miami was doubling, guys just need to hit shots, which I think they will.

    Jason Terry was saying after the game that it was tough adjusting to the tempo. The pace against OKC was much faster and slowing down to Miami’s pace would throw any player out of rythm. I expect Dallas to do a much better job of hitting their shots game 2.

  7. Just a sidenote, cause Tas begged Bosh to attack Haywood: Bosh can’t score directly against Haywood. Doesn’t work. Haywood shut him down one on one back when he was a Wizard, and he still does it (did it yesterday for stretches, in fact). So, it’s not like this is some great Mismatch for Bosh. It isn’t.

  8. @finzent – thanks for the comment. Either way, he was passive last night while being guarded by Haywood – he was reluctant to attack, reluctant to do anything. He drove by him once and was fouled (not by Haywood), and I feel like he’s getting the respect of the officials and can earn more of those calls in that 1-on-1 matchup.

    @Heat-Struck – I was just so NARVOUS!

  9. @Tas: I think your right. But I’ve turned into an habitual Haywood defender this season, so my reflexes just set in. What he can do 1 on 1 on defense against quicker big men is very often underestimated. He basically won a game against the Clippers this season by shutting down Blake in the second half, for example. My theory is that Bosh is a little afraid of him.

  10. @finzent – That’s a reasonable theory, ’cause in game 1, it seemed like reality.

  11. Heat offensive rebounding was awesome. Pretty much negated the poor shooting.

    That was about a good a chance as the Mavs are going to get. Heat shot poorly at home. Dallas had big runs in the first and third. That was one Dallas needed to take. It’s tough for me to see this going more than 5.

  12. as you can tell by my name, I’m biased. But … here goes:

    I came away from that game actually feeling a little good about the Mavs chances (this was also before Dirk hurt his finger… and surprise!! He doesn’t make a big deal about it. Class act. Soft? I don’t think so. We’ll see how it plays out.) My reasons are these:
    1) Mavs played very little defense against OKC. It was pretty much a shootout until Dallas decided to put down the clamps and win in the final minutes. That won’t work against the Heat. So I was happy, to some degree, that they showed that they can defend against the Heat. What most people won’t give credit to is the fact that Deshawn Stevenson actually did a pretty phenomal job on Wade for the majority of the game… DeShawn was not in when Wade really went off. Terry was. ‘Nuff said.
    2) Mavs are a SHOOTING TEAM. Though everyone wants to laud Miami for their D, Mavs missed a LOT of open shots. We can consider that a bit of an aberration, being that they are still an offensive powerhouse.
    3) Miami Heat’s shooters are mostly inefficient. At some point this will show. If you pack the lane and keep LeBron from bullying to the basket or Wade from getting inside, their jumpers and/or 3-pointers are not consistent enough to beat you. Now, the Mavs shouldn’t have let them get some of those open looks, but neither Wade nor LeBron is THAT efficient. To some degree, the Mavs game plan MAY have been to let them shoot that (uncontested I don’t agree with, but still…).
    3) I think the Mavs have a LOT more room to improve and make adjustments than the Heat do. the Heat are essentially the Big 3. Mavs are the sum of their parts and each player made some mistaked that can be tweaked. there were a LOT of dumb moves made in the final minutes when that game got away from them (coupled with a couple of bad calls).
    That being said, I liked what I saw, even in a loss. Many people thought Miami would just roll over the Mavs. Not this year. Not this team. Big D, liitle A, double L, A — YESSSSS. GO MAVS!

  13. and that room for improvement is bench play and rebounding plus some other individual tweaks. Those are things that can and likely will improve. I think Mavs took the game and made mental notes, while the Heat were jumping and bumping chests like they weren’t kinda SUPPOSED to win game 1 at home. LOL. (am I wrong to hope maybe Magliore hooks up with LeBron’s mom? Yes? Dang.)

  14. to echo Derek – what’s with the bobblehead?

  15. Is the bobblehead kenny powers?

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