On one hand, Chris Bosh breaking up an alley-oop that would have made American Airlines Arena explode robbed us of what was sure to be an excellent highlight, so that’s a bummer.

On the other hand, we have a new hilarious Chris Bosh face — the “Whoops, Just Ruined an Alley-Oop.”

Not sure if it’s a fair trade, but it’ll work since that “Yep, My Bad” head nod is also great. Keep doin’ it, Chris Bosh.

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  1. And you wonder why he is doing the press alone :)

  2. …you guys DO know that the head knod was actually Bosh sarcastically indicating to a ref that he didnt think he had committed a foul, right? It didn’t come right after he interfered with the alley-oop. Misleading video editing FTL.

  3. The biggest Like A Bosh ever.Also Trey, I had a dream last night where you had Ron Swanson’s mustache and cornrows and you were on the video show ranting about Pavement and how “chill” your cats are.

  4. That wasn’t a dream.

  5. lebron missed the dunk on his own, it wasnt boshs fault.

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