Video: Shaq retires?

Is this really how Shaquille O’Neal is retiring after 19 seasons in the NBA? By recording a video for a website no one has heard of then posting it on Twitter? Very, very strange. Welcome to 2011.

Either way, “we did it.” 19 seasons of Shaquille O’Neal. Makes you feel pretty old, doesn’t it?

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  1. “I’m ABOUT to retire”

    ABOUT how long?

  2. Pretty sure that’s Kimbo Slice, not Shaq.

  3. That’s a nice view Shaq’s got there!

  4. U rock man!!!!!! Get well soon :)

  5. [...] Posted by Scott Carefoot under Score Video on Jun 01, 2011 To some, Shaquille O’Neal’s extremely brief retirement announcement must have seemed far too small and unassuming for a man of his stature. Those people are missing [...]

  6. KAZAAMM!!! Farewell Big Guy.

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