Joel Anthony & Mike Bibby 1st pair of starters to go scoreless for winning team in NBA Finals game since Butch Beard & Clifford Ray in 1975.via Michael Lee of the Washington Post

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  1. Boozer completes this picture.

  2. The ad banner in the background is PERFECT. You couldn’t Photoshop anything better.

  3. @ J. Smith


    On topic, there’s a freaking problem with the Heat, how can they let a non-factor like Mike Bibby play? Chalmers is certainly not a Nash, Rose or Rondo, but he’s infinitely better than Bibby. I don’t mind Anthony not scoring because he can at least play some defense and do something useful. Bibby? He couldn’t even defend my grandmother.

  4. exactly. originally, bibby started because he’s a better knock down shooter, while chalmers is better at virtually everything else. but bibby hasn’t made anything in these playoffs so i don’t understand the logic of continuing to start him. i guess i’m missing something.

  5. I want Aroyo back :///

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