What if I told you that you’d have a chance to buy everything that LeBron James thinks is cool? Jeans, shirts, shoes, plastic toys, custom cakes — all of that stuff. Is that something that you would enjoy?

Because it’s going to be an option pretty soon. From a press release, courtesy of USA Today:

On the heels of a stunning Game 1 victory over the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night and on the brink of a possible first championship, NBA MVP, business mogul and fashion icon LeBron James has announced that he will launch a new, modern luxury concept store in Miami for fall 2011. The store, which will open with a mix of apparel, footwear, printed materials and lifestyle accouterments, with featured brands to include A.P.C., Original Fake and Nike Tier 0 product, will be called Unknwn.

You can check out the store’s website now, but there’s nothing but an email address and a logo that looks like a road or an eyeless man blowing milk out of his nose. Not much, but it definitely carries that air of self-seriousness that pervades everything LeBron does.

This is a very good idea. Not only is everything in streetwear huge right now, LeBron’s got some great brands signed on. A.P.C. is one of the best denim makers in the world, Original Fake is one of the premier artist-driven brands around and Nike Tier Zero stuff is the fanciest Nike gear you can buy, plus there are sure to be other big-time brands available. (A.P.C. and Original Fake have both done collaborations with the Swoosh, so it’s no surprise they’re being offered at LeBron’s store.) In a city that doesn’t have a super high-end streetwear retailer, this store should do very well.

That being said, it’s funny to think that if you go to LeBron James’ store to buy things he thinks are awesome, you’re putting money in the pocket of the world’s third-highest-paid athlete. Not only is he telling you what he thinks you should buy, he’s getting paid to do so. Nice gig if you can get it.