In a stroke of good luck the likes of which the Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t seen in quite some time, Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio is planning on joining the team next season, just in time for the lockout. Two years after Rubio was drafted, he’ll finally be leaving Barcelona to play in Minneapolis, because he has had enough of the gorgeous weather, beautiful women and plentiful tapas.

Between his pricey buyout, the Timberwolves’ location and the fact that the team drafted a second point guard immediately after selecting Rubio, many assumed that Rubio wouldn’t be joining the team any time soon. In fact, just a week ago, Wolves owner Glen Taylor went on record saying he wasn’t sure if Rubio would cross the seas if there was going to be a lockout. So yeah, pretty surprising news.

So surprising, in fact, that even Kevin Love was skeptical at first.

But once everything was confirmed, he got over those reservations and started considering the advantages of having a pass-first point guard to play with.

And then he fell asleep to the soothing thoughts of pocket passes and open jumpers.

Even better, with the addition of Rubio, the Timberwolves will now have three-fifths of the classic boy band lineup in place. Rubio’s the cute one, Kevin Love’s the older brother with the linebeard and Michael Beasley is the bad boy. With two picks in the first round, they should be able to find the nice guy and the wild card, no problem. Nice to see everything’s falling in to place in Minnesota.

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  1. C’mon… with Darko and Ridnour they already have the boyband line up!

  2. Rickey Rubio…..I almost forgot about him. the finals game two preview

  3. He will be traded draft night to the Pacers.

  4. Really excited to see him play in the NBA. Fun fact: The T-wolves now have 7 players picked in the top 6 picks of their respective drafts:

    Flynn – 6
    Webster – 6
    Rubio – 5
    Love – 5
    Wes Johnson – 4
    Beasley – 2
    Darko milicic – 2

  5. Darko DEFINITELY fits the boyband image. Check out the hair:


    I really want Pekovic to be the final boyband member. He’s the one who actually was in a Black Sabbath cover band, but got confused, lost, wandered onto the wrong stage, and ended up being in a boyband.

  6. Martell Webster can be the one addicted to painkillers.

  7. Um, guys, Ricky Rubio is already part of a group: (photoshop by Kerby)

  8. Well i’m from Spain and i watched some FC Barcelona games this year in ACB and Ricky Rubio is playing his worst season since he’s pro…

  9. How is Anthony Randolph not the wildcard in the band?

  10. I guess that covers the T’Wolves’ halftime shows for the next season or two.

  11. i’d say beasley is more of a wildcard than bad boy. he’s too crazy to have one distinct personality.

  12. I agree with wii_Z, it’s been well documented that Beasley spends 78% of his day watching spongebob so I think him as wildcard is much more in order. You’ve sparked up a real debate here Trey.

  13. And when they inevitably sign Eddy Curry he can be the bad boy.

  14. i’m a wolves fan, and it’s unfortunate that it’s become clear to me that people are willing to debate anything to avoid discussing actual wolves basketball—me included.

  15. Ricky is all about money and fame. That’s why he was bitching when he got drafted “only” in 5th place. That’s why he wanted to play in NY only. That’s why it was crystal clear that he’d sign a contract before the current CBA expires.

  16. Ricky is a bitch. I sincerely hope that the Minny coaches do not play him a minute.
    If he didnt want to break his contract he shouldnt have declared.

  17. I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t traded somewhere.

    Sacramento I think would be a good fit for him at this stage of his career.
    That is if they weren’t moving.

    NY would also be a decent fit for him in a high paced offense.

    The Kid has great vision and a potential to be in the top 10 pgs from his first season onwards.
    What he doesn’t have is a decent jump shot.

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