Yep, that’s his bad hand. Amazing.

(via Ben Golliver)

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  1. mavs in 5… lol at tas saying the heat were winning this game. good call,, dirk>>>>>>the heat

  2. The best is the jagoff at the bottom of the screen at 00:09 of the video calling for a timeout. Big Chris Webber fan, no doubt.

  3. Question: LBJ and Marion both finished with 20 and 8–did the matrix outplay the king?

  4. Wade’s flop at the buzzer was very impressive.

  5. How was Lebron not on Dirk that last series? Really, you’re gonna leave it up to Chris Bosh (aka, the TongueMaster) to guard the most gifted 7-foot scorer in the history of the game? They didn’t even use their foul either. #SHM

  6. And so, Dirk, the legendary seven-footer, continues to obliterate those who dare to impede his quest for an NBA championship.

  7. Way to go finishing things of with the non-shooting-tendon-tore hand…. hah

  8. BOUYA!!! in your FACEW LEBUM!!! MAVS in 6.

  9. [...] Kerby under 2011 NBA Playoffs, Dallas Mavericks, Whoops on Jun 03, 2011 Sure, Dirk Nowitzki made a game-winning shot in the NBA Finals, the last of nine straight points to close out Game 2 on the road. That was [...]

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