On today’s show, shirt brothers — Skeets and Tas — breakdown Game 2 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Topics include: the Mavericks’ remarkable 15-point comeback, whether Wade and LeBron’s silly “celebrations” inspired JET and the run, Bosh’s pathetic play, Dirk’s sweet final possession, the Heat’s “hero offense,” a Brian Cardinal sighting (!), Dallas’ staggered screens, Doris Burke’s splint, turnovers, dunks, and, well, that 10-year-old girl’s anthem. Was it good? Did she reach for it? These are important questions! Enjoy the show, and comment away.

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Comments (31)

  1. Two great games so far. Miami’s weakness is still (for years) D-Wade and the final shot. He will always choose a three pointer even though he spends most of the game going to the basket.

  2. I need more on Doris Burke’s splint. That shit made me laugh for a good 10 minutes. I need to know more.

  3. Skeets what’s with this ring on your finger?

  4. It’s a small splint.

  5. Hey i watched your recap and found it quite pleasant. Another thing, that Ian Mahinmi warcry was beyond epic.

  6. Great stuff, as always. Keep it up.

    Here is a dunk on Anthony, from WAY back:

  7. C’mon guys, not a word for Marion? That’s like missing a guy alone in a corner when up by 3 with 25 seconds left…

  8. I just want to say I enjoyed the playoff recap a lot lol.

  9. Maciek — I said the exact same thing to Melas as soon as we stopped recording. The Matrix was amazing, once again.

  10. I just came to say that you guys had 20+ minutes and you didn’t mention the Matrix, Zach Harper’s game MVP. He was pretty awesome, to be honest.

  11. No love for Shawn Marion? I thought he kept them alive when they were looking completely out of it. He called the bench out after game 1 and definitely backed it up.

    Too bad nobody watched that highlights video, that is classic TBJ!

  12. Here’s another dunk on Joel Anthony from way, way back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WqkFszAVhY

  13. I enjoyed the playoff recap.

  14. You guys missed the impact that Marion had on the game. His play basically kept them in the game till the 3rd quarter

  15. A celebration is what happened July 9, 2010 in Miami. Not 5, not 6, not 7…

  16. I think Rose dunked all over Anthony once last series. That is the only time. Ever.

  17. Playoffs!!!!!!! Finals!!!!!! Love it! Thanks for the great work guys!

  18. I agree with Matt, the 10 year old singer was stretching painfully to hit the high notes. Made me cringe when she tried. They needed to lower the key a step or 2 for that poor girl. She probably could sing but they had her straining . Ouch! I also think the Heat have the wimpiest music for the start of the game. No dynamics whatsoever. Now that that rant is expressed, this is a great finals.

  19. I watched it! I love you crackers! Terry SORT of fell asleep? That big-headed mofo hibernated on that play. Ha, the German-ator. Ugly-ass Boshtrich.
    Dallas Cavs—Defeat. Pure. Evil.

  20. where is the rounders update???????

  21. welllll…..

    I can say I’m satisfied. But I WOULD like to say that the celebration WAS a factor from a PLAYER’S standpoint. Is the media making a bigger deal out of it than necessary? Yes. BUT… the EMOTIONAL players on the Mavs (which would be Terry and Chandler) both made comments about it. They feed on things like that. And, if you look at the NBA tweets (from hoopshype.com) a few players commented as to why were the Heat celebrating like the game was already over. So the Heat’s NBA PEERS recognized it as premature celebration. These are LIVE, not post-game tweets. This is not AFTER the media has said something. This is other PLAYERS seeing it and saying WTF. Whatever anyone says, yes there is celebration (JET is among the most notorious), but there seemed to be some type of celebration after EVERY play. So much so that I noted a few times that “NBA All-defensive team” LeBron should get back on D and stop mugging and hyping up the crowd (this the SAME “defensive” player who clearly doesn’t like fighting through pick-and-rolls .. watch him give up after the first one … and who gets LOST in defensive rotations. Oh yeah, and picking up and suffocating 6’2′ guys (in Terry and Rose) when you’re 6’8″ beast is hardly an accomplishment. I’m sorry. When he truly goes after the BEST PLAYER ON THE FLOOR (which is Dirk), then I’ll complement him. Until then… nahhh…

    Anyway, my post was to say that other NBA players did comment on Twitter about the celebration. In live tweets. So yes, it was noticed. Did it get overblown after the meltdown? Yes. Whether you agree or not. But hey…. that’s one reason the Mavs HAVEN’T had any prolonged celebrations this entire series. They’re focused. (and why give the other team any fodder?)

    (oh yeah… about all the emphatic dunks and yelling … IT’S STILL JUST 2 POINTS. YOU DON’T GET EXTRA POINTS FOR STYLE AND MANLINESS… I love how Dallas just calmly took the ball out of the basket and began to chip away. Love this team)

  22. Lost in all the Decision talk, everyboy hating the Heat and how good the playoffs are is how big of a dick Dwyane Wade has become.

  23. Matt, want an example what “unconscious” means? Check out the zoned out celebration of Dirk’s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMuhKsroTOk&feature=player_embedded#at=20

    Now that guy is somewhere else.

  24. First show, I know of, that Taz talked more than Skeets. Nothing bad or good, both of you gentlemen are great.

    Hey guys, how about broadcasting a whole game? I’d rather put the ABC guys on mute and listen to you. If the delay is minimized, it could work.

  25. That was hilarious guys. First you complain that your Playoff video didn’t get enough clicks, then 15 seconds later you critize reporters for writing a story just to get clicks.

  26. Great stuff. I’m afraid I did turn the TV off on the Mavs. How bitterly I regret it. By the way, Tas, it’s ˈa-mi-kə-bəl. You know, for next time.

  27. I feel sorry for JD. The playoff recap vid was very nice.

  28. amICable = AMicable
    cahunas = cojones
    conjecture = congestion?

  29. Great recap as always, guys. I too <3 Doris Burke muchly. Like, whenever she appears I say (out loud) "Hello, Doris."

    Also, I watched the playoff recap, and it was AWESOME. Mad props to everyone for doing that, and especially Matty-O. Favourite part was "ball" and then the creepy talking basketball :D

    You guys rock. #realtalk

  30. Fuck if I didn’t watch the recap video. It was great.

  31. Held off on commenting because hadn’t watched the game until Saturday morning (had some work things holding me up). Honestly, if I hadn’t heard all the media BS about Wade celebrating the 3, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. It’s no different than what anyone does in the league when they hit big shots.

    And, really, Terry was offended? The dude who runs like an airplane after big shots?

    This was all about people 1) hating on the heat and 2) looking for a specific reason why it changed suddenly.

    Dirk could hit a 3, turn around to the Heat bench, grab his nuts, and tell them all to fuck themselves, and people would laugh and be like “Dirk is so crazy!”.

    I will say though, that it felt over. The Heat took awful shots and wasted waaaay too much time (as you guys said). Bosh was a great help defender throughout the game, and it would have made more sense to have Haslem on the ball. Dirk putting it on the floor and finding guys was a huge difference.

    This series is amazing.

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