Sure, Dirk Nowitzki made a game-winning shot in the NBA Finals, the last of nine straight points to close out Game 2 on the road. That was pretty cool. But it wasn’t all incense and peppermints for the big German. For one, he had to deal with Jason Terry almost messing up his comeback attempt. From Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

Dirk Nowitzki was tired of everyone messing with his chance to be a champion, mistake upon mistake pushing him to the brink. What the bleep? What were you thinking? The Mavericks had come back too far and somehow Jason Terry had lost his man, lost his mind and nearly lost these NBA Finals. One more time, Nowitzki had to go clean up a Mavericks mess. One more time, salvation had to come out of his guts and guile, out of his genius.

Son of a bleep, Dirk Nowitzki blared in the final huddle of the final chance to save everyone on these Dallas Mavericks. These two had gone back the longest together, back to the ’06 Finals collapse to the Miami Heat, and Nowitzki would be damned to let this happen again. Soon, they were walking back to the floor in the fleeting seconds of Game 2, and the ball promised to go back to Dirk again, back where it belonged, back where winning and losing would be decided with the flick of his wrist.

Dang it, Jason Terry. What the bleep are you doing, you son of a bleep? Dirk Nowitzdawg is trying to win this game and you let Mario Chalmers just waltz in to the corner and drain a wide-open three? Not chill.

It’s all good, though. Dirk pulled it out in the end, lefty layup steez. Everything was great again. Until after the postgame press conference that is. From the Dallas Morning News:

After addressing the media in an area that was squared off by black cloth, Nowitzki exited through the back and ran right into a steel pole with his head, letting out a loud, “Oh.” He then addressed a swarm of German media members for about 10 minutes of more questions.

Yep. Maybe an hour after becoming the hero of an instant classic NBA Finals game, Dirk Nowitzki was bested by a steel pole behind a curtain. Classic Farrelly brothers technique, just to remind you that the protagonist is just a normal guy who’s going to stay humble even when he succeeds.

I’m sure Dirk’s fine, but if he’s not, I expect him to play Game 3 with a bandage wrapped around his head. Then, I’m sure, he’ll headbutt in a game-winner, because that’s apparently how he overcomes minor injuries.