If ever there were a face that says, “Dang, we just blew a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter of an NBA Finals game,” it’s holding an eye and pleading to a referee while laying on the ground after no one’s touched you. It’d be sad if it wasn’t so hilarious.

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  1. Individually, the Big 3 are way too good to have to keep doing this.

  2. I could definitely watch that 1000 times.

  3. Collectively, Dallas Mavericks are capable of winning the title.

  4. Trey, can’t this be both sad and hilarious at the same time? Salarious?

  5. I believe salarious is the long lost English translation of schadenfreude.

  6. Haha, that is pretty funny when he’s laying on the ground covering his eye, pleading for the call. He seems so helpless… Chalmers was wide open by the way….

  7. Wasn’t that a flagrant in 2006?

  8. Watching this again let me figure out why it struck me as so funny last night. He shows absolutely none of the discomfort that comes with an eye injury and just covers it.

    “He fouled my eye!”

  9. i havent seen this much flopping from a team since the italians won the world cup.

  10. I love how he does it AFTER he sees that it doesn’t go in.

  11. Im so sick of miamis complaining on every play. James just doesnt stop whinging.

  12. Big 3 should be renamed to the Flopping 3.

  13. Chalmers was waving all possession long, he was open, and he just hit the game-saver three. The big two played this poss. dumb, tried to do the hero ball again, and Lebum did it again – passed to wade instead of dribbling and taking it himself.

  14. @J

    He needed that eye to see if it went in you silly!

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