While I disagree with the majority of what this bro is saying about your dad, I’m just happy that someone took the time to chronicle the entirety of your dad’s very first NBA Finals appearance. It was only a minute, but it was still pretty cool.

I especially liked the part where he smeared Mike Bibby’s face. That was awesome. Your dad is the best.

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  1. TBJ, World’s premier basketball blog, providing publicity to an apparently bored dude from Kentucky. Come on, folks!

  2. “They call him The Custodian, I don’t know why. Probably because he’s a piece of shit”


  3. I know since Trey joined in the humor level went up, as did the post count, but still – you can let some of these go, Trey, not everything should be made into a post :)

  4. This narrator sucks. Given Dad a hard time for stretchin. He wasn’t gettin the ball anyways! The face rake was epic and I know Peja wouldn’t have done any better. He’s been a decaying carcass in this series.

  5. Guys, it’s the only video evidence of dad’s Finals appearance. It had to get posted.

  6. Don’t let them deter you, Trey. Keep up the funny and frequent posts!

  7. scouting report of every white guy in the nba: average athlete, limited lateral quickness, good shooter, very hard worker—custodian-like even.

    actually, i have never met a custodian that worked that hard. what a horribly inaccurate nickname.

  8. This narrator is a serious moron. His basketball IQ is non-existent. He mentions ‘white guy’ several times. He must think ‘white guys’ can’t play ball. Trey, I don’t know you, but just know your dad is on a Championship team for a REASON, and it’s NOT cause he sucks. #MAVSCHAMPS2011

  9. gotta go with the rest here – this post/video sticks out like a sore thumb on this website. not just in quality (not funny), but in tone too (this guy is just hatin, and nothin else). you guys rarely endorse something so unapologetically negative.

  10. Hola fellas (and displaced WNBA fan brenda h) – i see that my capturing of The Custodian’s play last night has ruffled some feathers, and i will concede many of the points previously made… mainly, that my commentary was not funny … i agree. im generally not a very humorous person. however, the reason i went back and recorded that historic moment on my iphone is because i have never laughed harder during any sporting event. The bibby smack, the running with his head to the back of the action, the flop, and the stretch… all in sequence and with perfect comedic timing, was a spectacle that i felt others may have missed, and i felt they should be able to enjoy it as i had… i was just lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of asshole friends who pay attention to stupid shit.

    I think i understand your all’s affection for “your dad,” well, mainly because he looks like “your dad.” As the 1st commentator astutely observed, im from kentucky, and we recently had our own lovable goof, who we made fun of for wearing Jean shorts and became known as “jorts” all across the country. Hell, I was listening to NPR and they called Josh Harrellson by that absurd nickname…. so i get it, i do. i also understand a fan’s perspective and being unable to view anything related to your team as funny. 3 or 4 years ago, a camera crew caught Kentucky player Patrick Patterson picking his nose and eating a booger… on a nationally televised game. Had this been any other player on any other team, i would have found it hysterical… but since it was my guy, i defended his right to eat his boogers to the very end.

    but i digress… i apologize if you feel my hateful and unapologetically negative commentary has caused division and a nerd fight to break out amongst you fine folk.

    i hope to see “your dad” in several more memorable plays this year and hope you guys bring it home… good luck

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