On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Sunday’s Game 3 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Topics include: How similar this one looked to Game 2, D-Wade’s relentless attacking, Bosh’s game-winner (and the actual team basketball play that got ‘em there), the Mavs’ bench, whether Dallas needs to roll the dice and sit Dirk less, CBS’ Gregg Doyel’s asinine LeBron comments, Chalmers’ illegal/not-illegal three-pointer at the end of the first Q, and much, much more. Thumbs up for rock and roll!

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Comments (14)

  1. Yams was HUNGRY.

  2. @ Tas – Wade has been the best player in all 3 games….Game 1 – 22, 10, and 6, and he scored 7 or 8 straight when they Heat pulled away in the 3rd Quarter. He is the Finals MVP by far so far!

  3. How about some Corey Brewer sightings? I’d rather play him than Stojakovic.

  4. @ Fiaso – I have been thinking the same thing!! He has gotta be better than Peja, is he in Carlisle’s dog house?

  5. How come that in 22 mins of analysis you didn’t mention how fkin horrible is Peja. He was -11 in 6 mins on the court.( last game -7 in 5 mins). At this point I’m sure that a guy Wade fall on could score on Peja. And how many off reb and 2nd chance points MIA had cause he is guardin Anthony? Give me 10 mins of Caron Butler. That’s the only chance for Mavs to turn it around.

  6. Hmmm Brewer is not going to score a lot. But it might help guarding Wade ? Like Tas I’d like some Beaubois in game 4, would be great to see him catch fire.

    I was thinking about the long term injuries and their influence. On one hand, Haslem’s been out nearly all season but came back just in time to gard Dirk. On the other, Butler’s been injured after a great start of the season. And can’t help but think he’d be the second banana the Mavs need :-/

    As for Lebron, I prefer when he gets everybody involved than trying to win the game by himself like the ol’ Cavs days… When he acts like this he’s the opposite of the critics and looks less like a guy in purple and gold ;-)

    As for Wade what can you say ? 11 rebounds, no turnovers, etc. Reminds me why I love the player.

    Close game so still hopes for the Mavs but I’m very worried on their chances…

  7. Sad to say it but the Mavs are now 1-1 in the finals when Brian Cardinal plays. =/

  8. zvonestc — Because we were talkin’ about the Peja-should-sit angle BEFORE the series even started. And then again after Game 2.

  9. I think one of the most under talked about stories of these finals is that the Mavs are a team with so many injuries. Corey Brewer, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, Roddy Beaubois. Stevenson and Marion have really stepped up, but the Mavs are really missing Butler and Beaubois. And last night no Haywood was rough as you guys pointed out.

  10. hah! yea right, what is this

  11. Did anyone notice ABC did not show the introductions for the Heat players in Miami but showed them yesterday?

    Could it be an attempt by ABC to make the Heat more likable?

  12. Obviously what that Doyle asshole wrote is completely off base. But, I totally agree with Tas about LeBron on offense yesterday and for the last 7 minutes of game 2. Just wasting too much time and settling. We were calling it “evil LeBron” last night. It feels like the first time he’s shown this in the playoffs.

  13. Has Tas ever done the introduction to the show?. It seems like JE is hogging all of the introductions.

  14. No one will probably read this since its over a year back but I just wanted to compliment your analysis. I loved the bit on Doyle. Now knowing the story line that happened you guys were right on. I love the disparagement of the sports writer who creates and forces story lines vs what happens on the court.

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