As you may have noticed, we’re thigh-deep in the NBA Finals, as your thighs are roughly three-sevenths of your total body height. (I was a health science major, so you can trust that info.) As such, extra special editions of playoff shoes are making their debuts. Considering this year’s championship round is dominating the television ratings, it makes sense. More eyeballs on more HD screens means more people who see these fancy shoes and hop online to see where they can get their feet in them. Marketing 101, pretty much.

Nike’s aware of this, so they busted out new colorways for Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in last night’s Game 3. On the left, you see the Jordan Fly Wade. On the right, the Nike LeBron 8 PS. It’s up to you to sleuth out which shoe belongs to which guy. Context clues should help.

As long as you like bright red shoes, they’re both pretty nice. And they’re certainly eye-catching, as we got a few comments in last night’s halftime show about the Heat’s fire feet. It seems like Miami has been wearing their red road jerseys far more than their black during the playoffs, so it’s only natural that their two superstars would get laced in some matching shoes eventually.

I’m partial to the LeBrons, but that’s just because I wore a similar pair this morning and played really well. That’s fortuitous, since it’s almost impossible to get a pair of this specific Wade shoe, as I was just told that the only pair that currently exists were on No. 3′s feet last night. If you want those shoes, you’ll have to settle for a different color which is too bad for everyone who loves the Kansas City Chiefs and Dwyane Wade in equal amounts. The LeBrons won’t be much easier as they are only being released to specific retailers, but at least there’s a chance you could own those.

Couple more shots of these after the jump. Let’s hear what you think.