Miami Heat 88, Dallas Mavericks 86
The big thing about last night’s game that you’ll hear repeated over and over is that Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t have enough help for the Mavericks to win the title. People will point to his 34 points being the same as the Mavs’ next three highest scorers combined and that Jason Terry has been terrible all series. That’s fine and it’s true, but the Mavericks are still playing the Heat close and I think we can all agree that Dirk is good enough to win games on his own, even if his last two possessions were not great last night. That’s why Rick Carlisle sits him for half of the first quarter, so he’ll be fresh to carry the team in the fourth. It’d be great for Dallas to get something from someone else, but it’s not imperative.

As for the Heat, not much to complain about, except that they should probably stop blowing big leads. It’s really unbecoming. Never mind that, though, they still held the Mavs to just 40 percent shooting and 105 points per 100 possessions, which is pretty Milwaukee Bucks-ish. Keep doing that and things will work out.