The Dallas Mavericks are down 2-1 in the NBA Finals and have lost the home court advantage they gained with their incredible Game 2 comeback. Outside of Dirk Nowitzki, no one on Dallas is playing well. Dirk’s great enough to make up for that, but it’s still made things extra hard for a team with a slim margin for error. None of that, however, will prevent their shooting guards from piping up about the Heat.

First, it was Jason Terry. Now, it’s DeShawn Stevenson. From ESPN:

Foul or not, Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson said Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade do a better job of selling calls than most.

“They’re great actors and they sell it,” Stevenson said Monday afternoon. “That’s what they’re supposed to do.” [...]

“We’ve got to take hard fouls,” Stevenson said, “but if you touch them they’re so dramatic you might get a flagrant 2.”

Give it up for DeShawn Stevenson, who was able to navigate a dicey question with equal amounts of commentary and zings. Calling the Heat actors is perfect, since they’re extremely good at selling fouls. But that’s how the game is played these days and Stevenson knows that, so he can’t do much but say that the Mavericks need to be careful when they’re fouling, lest they get called for something more than a normal personal foul.

Even better than that, though, is the Mavericks’ plan for when the Heat don’t get the call they’re trying to sell, then proceed to complain about not getting the call. From Eye On Basketball:

But on the flip side, Stevenson said the Mavericks are getting points while the Heat are on the floor “being dramatic.” In Game 3, the Mavericks repeatedly pushed the pace when the Heat were complaining to officials. Chris Bosh’s eye injury that left him on the floor for an entire possession was obviously legit — he appeared in front of reporters after the game with severe swelling — but that injury aside, the Heat have repeatedly taken time chirping at the officials, leaving open opportunities. Stevenson said part of the game plan for the Mavericks is to punish the Heat in those times, because they’re not playing defense.

“That’s what we have to do. When they get to the bucket and then do that, ¬†Dwyane Wade (and LeBron) aren’t playing, they are not getting back on defense, we’ve got to take opportunity of that. We have a couple times where we get to the set and go through the set to try and get the ball to Dirk. “

Nice strat. Vintage rec league maneuver, taking advantage of man-down situations because some guy is complaining on the other side of the court. Not only is it one of the easiest ways to get a fast break, it’s almost insulting to score while someone is whining. The Mavs should definitely take advantage of this when they can, since you’ll never feel dumber than when you’re barking at the ref while your team is getting scored on. Not sure how often it will happen, but even once is enough to make you feel like an idiot.

Of course, if the Heat act their way in to every foul call, the running-while-whining technique is totally negated. So Dallas should just get out of the way any time Miami drives to the basket. That way they don’t give the Heat free points or flagrant fouls. It’s a perfect plan.

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  1. Man down, take advantage?

    Clearly, you don’t play the Mark Jackson way.

  2. This is kinda ironic coming from the guy who has the 2 biggest floppers or actors in the NBA on his team in JJ Barea and Dirk

  3. Flopping is a consequence of the NBA’s white-bred washed rules theyre implementing. Its not the fault of any players.

  4. “…that’s how the game is played these days…”

    Yeah, I agree, the NBA product is in a sad state these days.

    The Bulls/Heat series features 3 of the best players in the world, but was unwatchable because of all the whistles.


  6. Chris Bosh throws his arms up in the air like like he just suddenly fell off a building whenever there is a clean strip, hes the biggest flopping flounder found outside of the ocean….. Lebron and Wade aren’t much better but at least they are stars so it can be accepted.

  7. Sure LeBron and Wade may ‘flop’ two or three times a game, but did you see the foul calls last game? Dallas is a jump shooting team yet they got a ton of calls in their favor. More than the aggressively attacking Heat. So you can’t really complain about the refs if you’re a Mavs fan.

  8. so here is a guy who is obviously pissed off because his team cannot compete with the Miami heats. aside from Dirk’s heroics in game 2. Dallas has not showed up in this series and that’s because Miami is just a better team defensively and offensively. Here is a hit for Stevenson , make some shots ans shut up…

    and before i forget…has anyone seen Dirk took a shot without acting like he got fouled?? he is the BIGGEST actor in the NBA and i give him credit for taking advantage of whats clearly a problem in the NBA>

  9. Agreed about Dirk and his flopping but no one in the history of the NBA FLOPS MORE THE THE KING OF FLOPS…….LEFLOP JAMES….This guy is 260 -270lbs and he goes down like a feather weight, he actually goes down more then Vince use too!
    It is very sad so much talent and no BRAINS….just play the game like it should be played hard and fast….stop begging and pleading and whining it takes away from the game visually especially for people who play the game an know the game……BIG UP to all the fans that aren’t caught up in the Hype surrounding certain players be tuff, be strong….man just BALL!

  10. As much as Dirk and Lebron flop I feel that it is forgivable since they get hit SOOO many times because they are so impossible to guard. Lebron and Dirk both on-ball, off-ball, on the catch get grabbed and shoved like no tomorrow, but it refs call all of those little fouls then it would just be ridiculous.

    I think Wade and Bosh (at this point in his career) gets called for every small foul. They flop A LOT and its so annoying to watch because you know they are attempting to get that call even when they don’t get hit. Theres a different between selling an actual call and attempting to bait the refs into calling a non-call.

    Wade’s been doing it for years..

  11. Well how is anyone supposed to get a call otherwise? I’m sure with the strength LeBron has, he can just tank his way through contact, but the ref isn’t gonna call anything if the player doesn’t LOOK like he got fouled, regardless of if he did or not.

  12. Why does nobody realise Trey is a Bulls fan and not an angry Dallas homer?

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  15. LeBron must have been coached by DWAAAAAyne on how to flop on no contact because he has the exact same technique now. Take a shot or step back to take a shot and then, when the feet hit the floor, throw yourself violently sideways and flot. Wade did that to Terry in the 06 finals after a jumpshot that Terry didn’t even contest and got the call. James did the same thing agains Haywood the other night in a ridiculous flop and got the call. The wild inconsistency of NBA refs is why people always speculate that the league office is calling the shots (i just believe that NBA refs suck). Haslem can hold and shove Dirk before and after receiving the ball at the free throw line and no call….then a minute later somebody gets whistled for a hand check thirty feet from the bucket….then one of the fakers does flop after no contact and gets rewarded with a trip to the free throw line. Refs should get docked and fired over this stuff. At least try to call it consistently.

    That said….hey Dwayne..think the Mavs can’t compete now?

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