This J.J. Barea billboard was spotted in the Mavericks guard’s home country of Puerto Rico, and according to Bethlehem Shoals, the translation is incredible: “Only my ribs hurt, but for Kobe, it’s his ego.”

Get it? Because of that time the Mavs swept the Lakers after J.J. Barea got tossed from the sky? You get it. Even better, Kobe’s a Sprite endorser too. Hilarious.

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  1. This would be a lot funnier if he wasn’t sucking ass in the finals. (yes still mad)

  2. You really have to wonder who thought this was a good idea. Aside from the fact that pasting trash talk on billboards about any opponent is bad form even under the informal rules of NBA trash talking, does Barrea really think Kobe won’t remember? Why would you poke at one of the most dangerous competitors in the league? Not that Kobe needs motivation, but I fail to see how handing him something to focus on is a good idea. Not to mention that it wasn’t Kobe that bashed him in the ribs. And exactly when does a backup point guard on a team famous for choking in the clutch get off talking trash about someone with 5 NBA championships, 2 Finals MVPs, and a league MVP? Seriously dude, you are writing checks your team may not be able to cash. Even Lebron doesn’t talk this way about Kobe, and he has the game to back it up.

    I wonder if this was some marketing jerks idea that Barrea is going to have answer for?

  3. @hebisner

    fuckin relax, no one cares this billboard exists because it’s in costa rica. you think even barrea cares? quit being a little bitch.

  4. What an idiot, Kobe must be laughing his ass off right now.

  5. Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are totally the same place if you aren’t paying any attention.

  6. I dunno — I think Barea will continue to improve as a player… not sure how he’ll play in the rest of this series though.

    As for Kobe… he wasn’t looking so hot during the Mavs/Lakers battle.

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  8. Wow, that was pretty stupid. Payback will be a bitch.

  9. Now L’il Penny is no longer the shortest endorser in hoops history.

  10. Wow really? K first of all…Kobe didn’t knock your ribs, bynum did….sooo you’re just talking ish because he was on the same team? Ok well you’re a back up and not even a very good one…and hes a five time champ and future hall of famer…

    Perhaps Berea, you should be MORE concerned with the consistent anal raping you’ve endured in EVERY single finals game at the hands of a scrub like mario chalmers, and LESS about how well you did (not even w kobe guarding him) against the lakers two full rounds and several weeks ago.

    The fact is that if kobe woke up tomorrow with Barea’s career accomplishments hed jump out a window and slit his wrists on the way down, berea (or his handlers/supporters) have absolutely NO business talking down on kobe for ANY reason. His career accomplishments are soo far and beyond berea that a sign like this is seriously just pathetic. I actually liked berea until i saw this. aonther guy everyone likes because he’s a no-necked midget. Out of the league in 3 seasons.

  11. He didn’t actually say this. It’s just a joke.

  12. and @LakersAreGarbage, if you think Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are the same, throw yourself in the garbage.

  13. @Jdubz Totally agree.

  14. Oh, for Christ’s sake!! It’s just an ad!! HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY SAID THAT!! Look: “Me duele tanto sus comentarios, que voy a ir a llorar a los hombros de mi novia, la ex-reina de belleza que ustedes no tienen.” -Barea… Did he actually said that just because I wrote it? No!! So all of you, stop being little bitches about it… like Kobe.

  15. @LakersAreGarbage, you are correct using that nickname, but also you’re an asshole… take a map and tell me if Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are the same place

  16. Wait, how many rings does JJ have?

  17. Barrea better hope Kobe doesn’t care.

  18. Barea certainly isn’t laughing now, considering the fact Miami is wupping that ass

  19. …Guys.. Rings don’t mean shit. If MIchael Jordan played on the Minnesota Timberwolves would he still have 6 rings at the end of his career? Hell fucking no. Would he still be an amazing, all time great player? Of course. If you want to evaluate a team, yes by all means go ahead and use championships, but if you want to evaluate an individual, throw championships out the fucking window. Lets say Miami wins the championship this year, and Mario Chalmers gets his ‘ring’. Is he a better player then Steve Nash, or Allen Iverson? Fuck no. There is no question that Kobe is a better player then Barea, but seriously, you’re going to use rings to back that up?

    //Rant over

  20. @Moi You do realize the Bulls won 27 and 28 games(they WERE the Timberwolves) the two years before Jordan got there, right? It didn’t matter what team he went to, they were winning some championships….

  21. @bug

    To be honest, no I didnt know. Jordan’s era came and went before I was born. The point I was trying to make was more in regards to the Barea/Kobe thing. And I really believe you don’t win championships by yourself, no matter how good you are. In an awkwardly rated note, does anyone know any good advanced metrics for evaluating a players contributions (ala WAR in baseball)?

  22. LOL at rings don’t mean shit. The players that say that don’t have them. Rings mean EVERYTHING.

  23. And I bet you think wins matter in baseball…

  24. @moi

    The one I hear referenced a good amount is PER (Player Efficiency Ranking). Not sure if 82games covers it or not. Check out Zach Lowe (writer for SI), he uses some advanced stats in his articles.

  25. Moi, you are an idiot if you think rings do not matter. If they didn’t, then players would be demanding trades to mediocre teams just so they can get every possession and boost their stats. Rings, although not the only thing that matters to the legacy of a player, are the most IMPORTANT thing to the players legacy. Sure, Charles Barkley didn’t win any rings and is still considered an all-time great, but imagine if he actually did win 3-4 rings. He would be ranked much higher on the all-time list, maybe even top 6-7. Same can be said about Karl Malone and John Stockton. Rings do not matter? are you kidding me?

  26. Moi says: To be honest, no I didnt know. Jordan’s era came and went before I was born.

    Wow, I’m assuming you were talking about Jordan’s Chicago era which ended in 1998, which coincidently was his last championship year. So that makes you all of what? 13?

    Do your parents know your out on the internet cussing?

  27. Wowwww this was taken way too seriously. It was supposed to be funny and the only real purpose is because JJ is from Puerto Rico and they support him harcore, it obviously isn’t true. All you Kobe fans need to get your panties out of a knot and relax. This is a little chuckle from Puerto Ricans, not a personal attack on Kobe from Barea. Breeeathe.

  28. FYI, Puerto Rico is NOT Costa Rica…go back to school or read your google Maps, they are not even close to each other, we may speak Spanish but we are not the same. And for you NBA fans, Publicity do whatever they want nowadays, is not like he went up there and wrote it, jeez
    And I’m positively sure that Kobe LOL went he read it ;)
    Barea needs to keep working hard to be were K*be is right now…

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