While Kemba Walker cut his teeth playing on the courts in New York City, he learned his best moves as a result of the constantly playing music in the Bronx. Growing up with a passion for dance, the 21 year-old who is now known for his quickstep on the basketball court first learned how to handle the pressures of performing for crowds by performing with his dance troupe, Future Flavors.

Yes, that’s right, Kemba Walker’s got skills. And, they’re not limited to the basketball court. Of course, whenever we find out an athlete has something different in their repertoire, or does something unique with their free time, we want to know the how, why, when, where and who. This is no different with Walker.

In Toronto for a predraft workout session, Walker held court for nearly 10 minutes with reporters before the PR staff gave the “last question” signal. Without hesitating, Michael Grange jumped in to ask the one thing we were all wondering about:

Grange: Do you watch “Dancing with the Stars?”

Kemba: That comes up in every interview I do. You know that, right? You’d be surprised, there’s a lot of dudes [in the NBA] that dance, but I watch it sometimes.”

Now that Shaq is retired, could Kemba take over the title of the NBA’s best dancer? John Wall and his dougie will probably be tough competition, but if I’m a betting woman, my money’s on Kemba. Dancehall’s no joke.