When we think about about a basketball player’s offseason workouts, we think about long hours in the gym shooting jumpers, endless repetitions in the weight room and countless time that these guys spend trying to add new facets to their games. We do not think about a suburban housewife’s “Summer Beach Bod” diet and exercise plan.

But Stephen Jackson does. From the Bobcats’ website:

(On how he lost 20 pounds, including exercise and diet)
I did hot yoga for fourteen days straight, changed my diet and just did a lot of cardio. I’m eating a lot of seafood, I’m not eating red meat, and like I said, no fried foods. So, a lot of fish, a lot of grilled chicken and stuff like that.

Good for Stephen Jackson. My wife did the same thing last summer and she loved the way her body felt. Had to buy her some new jeans, but that’s OK. I hope he had a Groupon for the hot yoga though. That can get expensive.

Joking aside, this is great news for Bobcats fans. After the Gerald Wallace trade, if Charlotte is going to make the playoffs next season, they’re going to need to get a lot from Captain Jack. He’s the best and most experienced player on the roster, so him being in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance.

And hey, if hot yoga and fish is the way it happens, that’s cool. After all, Walter Payton did ballet and he was super awesome. Downward dog it up, my good man.