Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks
Every game is a must-win at this point, but this is an italics must-win for the Mavericks, so you know it’s serious. Not only is going down 3-1 a death sentence, it also opens up the possibility that the Heat could celebrate on the Mavs’ floor. That’s no good. And since your dad and your cousin are supposedly going to be bigger parts of the Mavs’ lineup, I’m expecting a classic.

LeBron is No Jordan
Come for the MJ highlights, stay for the Kerry Kittles cameo.

Freestyle Canoeing
Everything about this video is the best. Might have to start The Freestyle Canoeing Jones to cover all this gliding action.

Neverending Shampoo
Not sure how I’m going pull off this prank since I do not frequent communal showers, but I’d love to pull this off because it is hilarious.

The Worst Playground Idea Ever
I dunno. Seems like a pretty great idea, actually.