In 36 minutes of fourth quarter Finals play, Jason Terry is 3-12 with eight points, two assists, two turnovers and zero made threes. Not great production from a guy who calls himself “Mr. Fourth Quarter” and has a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy on his right arm. Not great production from anybody, really, but especially for a guy who’s marketing himself as the dude to count on in winning time.

But that’s not going to stop him from talking about other people making clutch shots, specifically Chris Bosh and his Game 3 winner. From the Dallas Morning News:

“Well, it was a blown coverage,” Terry said. “That’s what was disappointing about it. We don’t care who gets that shot at that particular time, but it wasn’t contested. When it’s wide open, anybody, I don’t care who it is, Juwan Howard would have hit that shot.”

Fair enough. Maybe it was a blown coverage, even though it looked pretty obvious that the Mavericks were doubling Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to get the ball out of their hands, which would leave a guy open because that’s how numbers work, but whatever. If Jason Terry’s not impressed with Chris Bosh hitting an open 16-footer with the game on the line, then that’s cool. Just do not disparage Juwan Howard like that. Not on my watch.

How dare you, Jason Terry. How dare you insinuate that Juwan Howard making a wide-open jumper is a shocker. The man shot 43 percent from 16-23 feet this season, just a couple percentage points worse than Chris Bosh. Of course he’d knock down the open jumper. Outside of maintaining an immaculate goatee, that’s what he does. Sure he has only made one of five shots this postseason, but still.

But seriously, it’s kind of weird to me that a guy who has done hardly anything in crunch time this series is talking about how a game-winning jumper is no big deal, especially because he’s throwing Dirk Nowitzki under the bus while doing so. Between this and when he complained that the Heat were celebrating after threes, I kind of get the feeling that Jason Terry’s a bit of a hater. If he says something bad about LeBron’s headband, we’ll know for sure.

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  1. i’m starting not to like Jason Terry. he himself cannot make those open jumpers. help Dirk first then talk

  2. Maybe if the Heat start running down the court like airplanes after they hit big shots, Terry won’t have a problem. Actually, I hope that happens. It’d be hilarious.

  3. It sure would. Still, I get where he’s coming from: he’s a sore loser and can’t help it. idk why, it makes me like him more.
    The guy lost the game, but he still hasn’t lost in his head. Talk about a competitor ;)

  4. Terry’s always been a loudmouth, but he’s right on this, isn’t he? Hitting that shot was not the most impressive accomplishment.

    Also (@1), Terry’s problem this series is not that he doesn’t HIT open shots, but that he doesn’t GET open shots.

  5. I think its rude to knock the guy that almost singlehandedly keeps the Mavs in contention for not fighting thru a screen. Get some help defenders, Mavs?! Also while you’re at it – get some help offenders, Dirk can’t do it alone

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  7. On Juwan’s ability to hit clutch jumpers against the Mavs: Look at the 4:50 mark.

  8. WHO cares about what Terry said…..Dirk turned the damn ball over and missed the jumper trying to fade away. Come on… if Dirk doesn’t turn it over and miss the SHOT no one would care about what Terry said.

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