Watching this happen, I thought it was an errant last second heave to beat the shot clock. Then, out of nowhere, Dwyane Wade appeared and dunked on your dad. It was awesome.

(via Eye On Basketball)

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  1. I got four words to Cardinal and the rest of the Mavs: Box your man out

  2. Marion and Chandler are kinda to blame on this one: Chandler edges on a non-existing screen, leaving his man, and Marion rotates to Haslem almost at the three point line… What do you think Wade is gonna do…

    Dad did what he could with his old legs.

  3. Marion and Chandler are just no good. That’s why you cant blame the others on critizising them. Thanks to Terry for stepping up in that game.

  4. denzcasa84: your statement is ridiculous. did you even watch the game? Without chandler playing as well as he did, this game isn’t even close going into the fourth. Ergo, no chance for the mavs

  5. the mavs play nice D but they dont really put a body on their opponents to get the rebound. they were lucky to get this win imo

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