On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Tuesday’s Game 4 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Topics include: Nowitzki’s K-Ci & JoJo game-winner, JET walkin’ the walk, Rick Carlisle’s four great coaching moves (Barea starting for DS, Dallas’ zone defense, no Peja, and the decision to use Chandler in the pick-and-roll), the Heat’s hilarious 4Q offense, who’s to blame for LeBron’s shrinkage, Wade’s odd night, Kelly Clarkson, my condo, touching the championship trophy, and boos. Enjoy, and comment away.

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Comments (24)

  1. How do you know if the Heat lost a NBA Finals game? Dwyane Wade is lying on the court after the final buzzer.

    For the next 48 min we live in a world without Grantland. Our nerdy basketball lives are about to change.

  2. Yeah, Tas. That block on Chandler would’ve been the appropriate application of “Take dat wit chew!”

  3. I don’t mind if the Heat trade wins with the Mavs. That just means Heat Champions. I would of loved for the Heat to win out that game, but I wasn’t expecting them to before the game, so I don’t feel that bad about it. Mavs are a great team and I got a lot of respect for them.

  4. Maybe Lebron isn’t posting up Kidd because he doesn’t have any post moves. Just sayin’.

  5. Great shirt Skeets!

  6. I don’t understand why Carlise went with Stevenson at the end of the game instead of Marion. Marion was playing great and probably would have scored (a putback or something) when the team went cold. I know Stevenson played solid D, but I think Marion would have done the same, if not better. Dallas were just lucky that the Heat went ice cold as well. If the Heat won the game, I think this would have been a big storyline.

  7. Tas – Can you stop calling LeBron “the best player in the world”, he’s been the 3rd best player in this series!

  8. Can we all agree that Brian Cardinal’s nickname is no longer “The Custodian” and is now officially “your dad”?

  9. Sweet shirt!!!! I just googled it and I figured out I can buy it here: http://www.blokcparty.com. OKC 2012-2018 Champions.

  10. Krayzie…..3rd best, maybe 4th?!?!?!?

  11. Hot damn! Skeets, where did you get such a tasty shirt? I’ve been looking to add a little Canadian style to my wardrobe.

  12. Late again! Thanks, Flizzy for doing my legwork.

  13. Settons – That’s true its a battle for 3rd best between him and BatGirl!

  14. Tas sippin lean before lunch, damn

  15. Are they really touching the trophy in those commercials? Reflections in the trophy look weird like it could’ve been Photoshopped.

  16. LeBron is the best player in the world. Again, I can’t believe I keep defending him, but people say a lot of stupid shit. We’re talking about 3 games (he was good in game 1). He had to pick up the slack for Wade last round and nobody was talking shit about Wade. And, it’s not like he’s killing them. He’s playing within what they’re doing as a team (which isn’t much). He’s still passing the ball well.

    I think they need to stop having him bring it up. He’s just backing up like he did back in the day with Cleveland. Like you guys said, get him down on the post or in the pick and roll. He’s not being utilized well at all (not taking blame off of him, but the offense in general is pathetic!).

  17. Considering Wade bobbled the ball and didnt have control, did he have to save it like he did? I feel like he had less control than Terry when he tipped it and then just grabbed it in the backcourt. Couldn’t Wade have grabbed it in the backcourt and dribbled up? Probably wouldve got a better shot than Miller chucking a 3

  18. Okay, about this “best player in the world” thing.

    LeBron James ain’t it. And that’s actually a provable proposition.

    I’ll happily grant that he has the greatest gifts in terms of talent and physique. But he’s proven over and over that he doesn’t have the heart, the will, or the killer instinct to truly be the best. When the going gets really tough, LeBron James starts looking for someone else to blame. I mean, the guy has been in the league for years and it was only THIS year, for the FIRST TIME, that he actually said a loss was “on him” at a postgame press conference.

    Whether it’s his spoiled-baby background due to the early recognition of his talent, the constant ass-kissing of the people he keeps around him, or just a basic weakness in his character, LBJ is never going to have the indomitability of a Michael Jordan, a Bill Russell or a Kobe Bryant. And he is therefore not the best player in the world, because if you demoralize him, you can turn off his talent and convert him into a guy looking for an excuse.

  19. Dallas in 6 anyone?

  20. Hey guys, it’s Maurice Podoloff for the MVP trophy :)

  21. Hey Matt, is that the camera messing up with the exposure setting or is the world gonna end right after the quote at the end….?1 What’s with the background all turning dark all of a sudden??

  22. Is it just me needing an eye exam or has J.J. Barrea shrunk a couple of inches. By the looks of his finger roll layups, jump shots and free throws he seems to be light on his range across the board. Honestly folks, would anyone get in the face of a 7 foot guy with a fever hacking all over himself. I”d probably want to wash the ball every time he touched it! That’s Carlylse’s secret weapon! Micro-virus play that clears the path! I think it’s the Mavs in 7.

  23. Next question, how many Heat players get the flu for game 5?

  24. “But he’s proven over and over that he doesn’t have the heart, the will, or the killer instinct to truly be the best.”

    Sorry, that’s not provable. The guy is 26. He’s about to win his first ring. He’ll probably end up with at least 3.

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